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Xuzhou Psychology: How should patients with schizophrenia be cared for during treatment?

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Xuzhou Psychology: How should patients with schizophrenia be cared for during treatment?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: Schizophrenia is a very common mental illness today. After schizophrenia, patients need to take long-term medication to control the disease and prevent the disease from recurring. Let's take a look at how patients with schizophrenia should be cared for during treatment? 1. Work and entertainment therapy, including labor within one's ability and assisting in the daily work and management of the ward, so that patients can obtain the satisfaction of self-existence value through work, gradually contact reality, and achieve the purpose of consolidating medical conditions. 2. Strengthen psychological care, improve the familiarity of patients, eliminate negative feelings of inferiority, educate patients to treat life correctly, strive to overcome character defects, protect good interpersonal relationships, handle relevant life events and conflicts well, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, and maintain Fair and rhythmic living system. 3. Pay attention to observe the condition and the ideological dynamics of the patient, and continue to take antipsychotic drugs to prevent recurrence and accidents. 4. Develop patient confidence in treatment. Cultivate the patient's enthusiasm and initiative to prevent over-dependence. Allow normal working patients to present themselves and encourage them to build the confidence to overcome the disease. 5. Do a good job in popular science propaganda. Do a good job in the publicity work of the patient's family members, related units, schools, and neighbors. Correct misconceptions about mentally ill people, care for them, and respect their reason and emotions. 6. Solve practical problems for patients. In view of the actual difficulties of patients, such as marriage, work, study, economic problems, etc., social support should be sought, a fair solution should be given, and recurrence factors should be reduced or eliminated.

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