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Xuzhou Depression: People often ask if depression can self-regulate?

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Xuzhou Depression: People often ask if depression can self-regulate?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: Presumably most people do not regard depression as a "disease", but mistake it for a psychological problem, and self-regulation can be "healed". For patients with depression, we usually recommend more contact with the outside world, venting emotions in a timely and appropriate manner, or shifting focus, recalling happy things, exercising frequently, going to bed early and getting up early, listening to songs and reading books, etc. to ease their emotions. However, most of these methods commonly used in the world do not have postoperative measurement standards, or there is no supervision, so it is difficult for everyone to implement self-discipline. Even if you do it sometimes, the effect is not obvious, and there is no need to overestimate these effects. Depression, as we often say, is the most common form of depression, manifested as marked and persistent depression, and is the main type of mood disorder. A lot of the time, most people don't know what self-regulation is. They always think that finding someone, using magic or a few words, can cure depression. People who think this way are essentially grossly underestimating depression. In short, so far, there are no unique tricks or shortcuts for treating depression, let alone the ability to self-regulate. The so-called self-regulation ability can be understood as the control and regulation of self-consciousness on psychology, emotion and behavior. We can think of this self-regulating ability as an elastic band that recovers on its own within certain limits. In other words, everyone's level of self-regulation is also different. Having good self-regulation skills allows us to become masters of our emotions and maintain a stable emotional level. However, this self-regulating ability (elasticity) is not. If the external stimulus is too large, the elastic band will be in a tight state for a long time, and it may also lead to a decrease in self-regulation (equivalent to the collapse of the elastic band). But if you have strong self-regulation (a wide range of tightness), you can resist even more destructive forces. vice versa. No matter how strong or weak, it must be moderate, and there is a possibility of damage. If you are already suffering from depression, it means that you have a problem with self-regulation, and you have not yet resisted the invasion of depression in a well-functioning state. So it is conceivable that it is difficult to recover through self-regulation. So seek more effective help, such as psychotherapy, medication, physical therapy, etc. Support self-regulation. Don't talk about self-regulation. Even psychotherapy, if used alone, is generally only suitable for mild to moderate symptoms. If the effect is not good for one or two months, it is necessary to decisively switch to or use antidepressants or other treatment methods in combination. We still recommend that when there is a barrier, actively seek help and speed up the repair, don't blindly rely on self-regulation, be ashamed to "see a doctor", and miss the opportunity.

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