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Xuzhou Depression: What Are the Early Signs of Depression?

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Xuzhou Depression: What Are the Early Signs of Depression?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: Do you often feel this way in your life? When you are in such a mood, you may feel like you are in a bad mood and will get better after a while, but you may develop depression without knowing it. With the change of lifestyle and the acceleration of life rhythm, people's life pressure is getting bigger and bigger, and the negative emotions are getting bigger and bigger. You are a sunny and cheerful "pistachio" at school. After work, you may turn into a gloomy, taciturn "weird uncle" that gradually develops into depression. Some people laugh and try to kill themselves... There are four early signs of depression. Let's see if you meet them. So, what are the early signs of depression? Remind of the following four symptoms, indicating that depression may be coming: Always unhappy. If you find that your friend is always unhappy, the sadness is not only shown in the expressions, but also in the movements and gestures. Loss of interest patients may become bored, aloof in social interactions, and begin to lose interest in things around them. Cognitive impairment is mainly manifested as memory loss, inattention or unresponsiveness. , the brain feels like a rusty machine, and creativity is declining. Chronic insomnia is accompanied by unexplained insomnia, time decline, weight loss, and always feel very tired, and this situation has lasted for more than 2 weeks, and normal work, study, and social interaction have been significantly affected. Be vigilant and arrive in time Psychiatry visit.

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