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How to quickly improve the grades of high school students who are tired of school?

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How to quickly improve the grades of high school students who are tired of school?

How to quickly improve the grades of high school students who are tired of school? In key high schools, there are often strange and common phenomena. The high school entrance examination results are excellent, and they may even enter the experimental class. If nothing else, it is almost a certainty to be admitted to a famous university after 3 years, but a considerable number of students are not suitable for high school. Due to the difficulty of learning and the learning environment, the grades decline rapidly, and they become ordinary students. If there is no correct adjustment, some of these students will not even be able to pass the two exams. What is the reason for this and how can it be solved? The general principle is that these children have excellent grades before junior high school, teachers pay attention, and the courses are not difficult. They are sensitive, suspicious, insecure, and have not shown it. When I entered a key high school, especially when I entered the experimental class, I felt a lot of pressure. Everyone else was a top student, and I felt inferior to others. In addition, the difficulty of high school courses was much more difficult. Many times I couldn’t understand it. , formed a conditional feeling of dislike of study, that is, wanting to learn but not progressing, pay attention at this time, it is trying to learn but not progressing, reasoning, talking about the meaning of going to university, it has no effect, they themselves know that the solution here is not reasonable, but emotions. If you are tired of learning, it usually starts from a certain subject, and it may be extended to all subjects in the future. You can start adjusting from the subject where the problem started. Through the students themselves, they introduce the relevant experience and feelings, and explain to the students the principle of learning weariness. Anxiety The influence of emotions, the source of anxiety, the methods of regulating emotions, when students are in a calm state, they can experience a good learning feeling. When students feel calm, they can learn and are very efficient. In the method of relaxation training through suggestion , Make this kind of good feeling a normal state, and achieve a state of calm and efficient learning as soon as you study. Generally speaking, the more outstanding children in the past, the better to adjust after they are tired of school. Taking advantage of their good foundation, strong sense of responsibility, and good self-control, some students may return to the original efficient learning state within a week.

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