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What are the dietary taboos for people with depression? Food and drink bans should be kept in mind

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What are the dietary taboos for people with depression? Food and drink bans should be kept in mind

When the mood is too low, you should choose suitable food to calm the nerves and help relieve the negative state of mind. The food you eat has a lot to do with your mental and physical health, so people with depression should know what to avoid. What are the dietary taboos for people with depression? 1. Beneficial food bananas and grapefruit: The alkaloids contained in bananas can boost people's spirits and improve their self-confidence. Bananas contain a lot of vitamin B6 and tryptophan, which can stimulate the brain to produce serotonin and help relieve adverse effects. mood. Grapefruit contains a lot of vitamin C, which is an antioxidant. It can not only maintain red blood cells, enhance resistance, but also fight stress. In addition, vitamin C can also help make adrenaline and dopamine. Deep-sea fish and whole-wheat bread: The omega-3 fatty acids contained in deep-sea fish, like antidepressants, can block the pathway of nerve conduction and stimulate the secretion of serotonin. The carbohydrates in whole-wheat bread can boost serotonin, which helps fight depression and stress. Spinach and cherries: When the body is deficient in folic acid, it reduces the amount of serotonin in the brain, which can cause depression and blues. It happens that spinach contains a lot of folic acid. The anthocyanins contained in cherries can produce happiness factors. When you are in a bad mood, 20 cherries are more effective than medicine. Garlic and pumpkin: Some people do not like to eat garlic, although it will bring an unpleasant taste, but after eating garlic, it can relieve anxiety and fatigue, and can suppress people's irritable mood. Pumpkin is rich in iron and vitamin B6, which can help the body store blood sugar into glucose and help the brain burn energy. Low-fat milk and chicken: Yogurt milk and cheese are rich in calcium, which can relieve tension, anxiety and irritability. Chicken is rich in selenium, which can make people's moods more joyful and help fight free radicals. 2. Foods that are contraindicated Patients cannot drink beverages containing caffeine and alcohol, which will affect people's sleep. Drinking a lot of caffeine can make people feel anxious and grumpy and low, and if you drink too much, it can deplete your body's calcium and iron. In addition, excessive drinking can lead to a lack of vitamin B and cause depression. In addition, you can't eat a lot of sugar, otherwise it will affect the blood sugar level. When the blood sugar drops, it will increase the fatigue and irritability of the body, and it will also consume the B vitamins necessary for the human body. [Disclaimer: The materials and pictures used in this article are from the Internet and literature, and are only used for the popularization of medical knowledge. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete]

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