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What about adolescent depression? Do these 4 things to prevent

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What about adolescent depression? Do these 4 things to prevent

The main factors that cause depression in adolescents are personality defects, uncoordinated relationships with classmates and teachers, or divorce of parents. Mental health at this stage plays a crucial role in their growth. When you find symptoms of depression, you should learn to self-discipline and prevent you from going astray. 1. Release stress Adolescent patients should find various ways to release their inner pressure. They may wish to be frank with reliable friends or family members, and talk to them sincerely, not only to make their hearts easier, but also from others. Be understood and comforted or be able to get help from others. Even if you let out your negative emotions such as distress, sadness and grief, you can reduce the psychological burden. 2. To maintain an open-minded and free-spirited mentality Adolescence should be full of vigor, and maintain an open-minded and free-spirited attitude. It is necessary to understand that everyone will encounter unsatisfactory things and people, consider problems from multiple aspects, consider problems from multiple positive aspects, face everything with optimism, and accept some things and people with a broad mind. Facing your pain, depression and troubles rationally can reduce negative emotions. 3. Insist on exercising. After waking up every morning, take 30 minutes to run or play ball, which can not only improve cardiopulmonary function, enhance physical fitness, but also mobilize the potential in the body to activate body cells. As long as the body is relaxed, the heart will become calm and the bad emotions will be relieved. Have a positive, optimistic and healthy attitude, deal with depression correctly, adjust your emotions, pay attention to your behavior and emotions, etc. Do more things that make you happy, such as listening to soft music, reading a book, or taking a walk. 4. You can’t just rely on your own subjective judgment to draw conclusions. You should be full of hope for your future life during adolescence. You must give yourself self-confidence no matter what you do. As long as you have good self-confidence, it will become motivation and prevent negative attitudes. . Evaluate yourself objectively, and turn your inferiority complex into a self-confidence. In addition, it is necessary to maintain regular and quantitative meals three times a day, avoid smoking and drinking to relieve stress, and maintain a regular work and rest. [Disclaimer: The materials and pictures used in this article are from the Internet and literature, and are only used for the popularization of medical knowledge. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete]

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