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How to treat the 6-year drug relapse of bipolar disorder in school students?

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How to treat the 6-year drug relapse of bipolar disorder in school students?

Original article, misappropriation must be investigated Bipolar disorder includes hypomania, mania, depressive symptoms and other manifestations. These manifestations occur in turn. During the hypomanic period, the patient becomes outgoing and social, does not need sleep, and is very If you are confident, you are more likely to have disputes with people, or have a lot of shopping, irrational investment and other behaviors. If hypomanic patients lack sleep for a long time and their brains are overactive, they may evolve into mania, and they will begin to have exaggerated fantasies, such as thinking that they have superpowers, and may also have persecutory delusions or impulsive delusions, which occur online or in real life. Verbal or physical interpersonal conflict. After the mania, the patient may fall into the stage of depression, and the mood will fall into the abyss of depression, self-blame, and loss of vitality. Due to the symptoms of the manic and depressive periods, it will have a negative impact on interpersonal and intimate relationships, which also makes the patient suffer. The heart is suffering, especially when the patient has repeated attacks, the interpersonal support will become weaker and weaker, and it will become more and more detrimental to the stability of the patient. Therefore, when drug treatment cannot control the recurrence of the disease, patients can choose surgery to make up for the loopholes in drug treatment, improve the stability of treatment, and reduce the risk of disease recurrence. Patient Ren (female, 22 years old) had sleep problems when she was studying in 2016. She was unhappy, less interested in things around her, did not want to do anything, was sensitive and suspicious, suspected that some classmates were targeting her, talking about her behind her back, and being suspicious in class , worried that someone would harm her, said nonsense that she knew Wang Sicong, spent a lot of money, behaved exaggeratedly and weirdly, her parents would be yelled at if they discouraged her, there was no family affection to speak of, she was even more indifferent to the people around her, and shut herself up all day long. in the room. Seeing that her daughter who used to be demure and dignified now seems to be a different person, she is excited and depressed for a while. Ren's parents are anxious and take their daughter to the hospital to find out that this is "bipolar affective disorder". Playing havoc in my daughter's brain. After 3 weeks of inpatient drug treatment, Ren's condition showed signs of improvement, and he was discharged from the hospital for maintenance treatment. In 2020, Ren thought that his condition had recovered, and he was unwilling to take medicine every day. After he stopped taking the medicine on his own, his condition relapsed. He asked his parents for tens of thousands of yuan for living expenses every month. He exaggerated and boasted that he knew the richest man and would make a lot of money in the future. He always lost his temper and scolded his parents. He also pressed the pause button for his studies. He went to the doctor again and was treated with drugs such as clozapine. The symptoms were not as well controlled as before. Symptomatic drugs, but the effect is still not ideal, the disease is repeated, and the frequency of changes in emotional polarization is getting higher and higher. In 2022, Ren went to Shanghai Dongfang Hospital with his parents for treatment. After arriving at the doctor, Ren became very hostile to the doctor. He refused to admit his illness and refused to be hospitalized. He was admitted to the hospital and completed the fifth-generation stereotaxic brain surgery as scheduled. After the operation, Ren’s mood became stable, and the original sensitive and suspicious, delusional persecution, irritable impulse, exaggerated excitement, and low mood disappeared. Patients and medical staff will take the initiative to smile and say hello. They can bathe, dress, and eat by themselves, admit to the doctor that they are sick, and actively cooperate with daily examinations and drug consolidation treatment. They were discharged from the hospital one week after the operation. Loading video...

From the above case, it can be seen that surgical treatment of refractory mental illness has the following advantages:

1. Eliminate mental symptoms, especially those that are difficult to control with drugs; 2. Restore patients' self-awareness, or effectively treat schizophrenia patients who do not take medicine; 3. Restore human nature, especially for schizophrenia. Patients with positive symptoms, such as being short-tempered, impulsive, hurting people, beating people, cursing, etc.; 4. Rebuilding social functions, such as patients who lost their ability to take care of themselves during the illness, were out of touch with society, and could not step into society; 5. Help patients reintegrate into society.

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