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Antibody magic barrier, love resists

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Antibody magic barrier, love resists

At the beginning of the wedding, A Mei was pregnant, but after only 50 days, A Mei found that the leucorrhea was mixed with blood, and A De rushed her to the hospital. After the urine test, the doctor did a B-ultrasound. The doctor said that the results are still normal, and the miscarriage can be protected first, and the re-examination will be done in a few days. He gave Amei a progesterone injection and ordered bed rest. Although I take medicine and injections on time every day, I lie on the bed until my waist is straight, the bleeding from the lower body is still frequent and less, and the stomach is also intermittently aching. A few days later, during the re-examination, Amei burst into tears—the ultrasound indicated that the fetal heart had stopped beating, and an abortion had to be performed immediately. After Amei became pregnant for the second time, she did not dare to take it lightly. Following her mother's advice, she asked someone to find an old Chinese doctor who was at home for a consultation and could not come out easily. Take good care of yourself." I drank a lot of traditional Chinese medicine, but the miracle did not happen - at the same time, the pregnancy ended in failure again. The mother began to nag, "You two are in conflict with each other, one is a chicken and the other is a dog. As the saying goes, the chicken and the dog are restless, so it's no wonder that the child can't keep it." , they all cast a shadow in their hearts: Are we really a husband and wife? They finally sat in the consulting room of a famous gynecologist, waiting nervously for Professor Huang's analysis. Professor Huang's first sentence surprised them: "The main cause of miscarriage, in layman's terms, is the incompatibility of husband and wife!" Relevant studies have shown that the more the number of miscarriages, the greater the proportion of immune factors in the cause. The incompatibility of husband and wife is an image metaphor: half of the genetic material in the embryo comes from the father, so to the mother, he is not only the crystallization of love, but also an allogeneic transplant, which may cause immune rejection. . Mother and baby have a complex immune balance relationship. When the two are balanced, pregnancy goes well; when the immune rejection reaches a certain level, the embryo is rejected by the mother and leads to miscarriage. Immune abnormalities can be roughly divided into two categories. One is due to women’s own production of antibodies, such as common anti-sperm antibodies, anti-cardiolipin antibodies, etc. When these antibodies are positive, pregnancy often does not progress smoothly and requires immunosuppressive therapy. , including oral aspirin, prednisone, etc.; the other is the lack of blocking antibodies (negative). A Mei's miscarriage is the latter making waves. During pregnancy, the mother produces sensitized T cells that attack the trophoblast of the embryo and disrupt the pregnancy. Under normal circumstances, pregnant women can produce a certain amount of blocking antibodies in order to block the attack of such cells, and at the same time, it can also inhibit the cellular immunity in the body. This antibody gradually increases in the first three months of pregnancy, and then gradually decreases, which can be described as the first contributor to pregnancy escort. When a pregnant woman has repeated miscarriages, doctors often focus on blocking antibodies, co-culture the husband's lymphocytes and the wife's serum, add corresponding reagents, calculate the number of dead cells and cytotoxicity index under the microscope, and judge after reaching a certain standard. Either negative or positive. Looking at the couple's frowning faces, Professor Huang said calmly: "In this sense, the negative blocking antibody is indeed a 'character clash' in a certain sense, because the cell surface of such a couple contains too much The same antigen prevents the mother from recognizing the embryo as an allogeneic antigen, and cannot stimulate the mother to produce enough blocking antibodies to maintain pregnancy. But this is by no means hopeless. If the mother cannot produce the corresponding blocking antibodies, follow-up antibodies can be used before pregnancy. Lymphocytes with different mothers, such as Ade or other people's lymphocytes are inoculated subcutaneously into Amei's skin to artificially induce the mother to produce blocking antibodies, build a safe barrier, and reduce the chance of miscarriage." Generally speaking, to do this For treatment, both husband and wife need to exclude some abnormal conditions, including: no abnormal chromosomes on both sides, no genital tract malformation in the woman, negative autoantibodies, etc., while the man needs to be checked for blood-borne infectious diseases to exclude hepatitis, syphilis, AIDS, etc. If a husband has a blood-borne disease, he may want to consider using blood from a healthy third party. But you can rest assured that the lymphocytes extracted from the third party's blood will not change the genetic characteristics of the fetus. During the treatment to avoid sex life, after the end of the treatment, preferably within 3 months of pregnancy. After listening to Professor Huang's introduction, Ade said excitedly: "I just had a blood test and I'm very healthy. Don't be afraid, wife, use my blood to pave the way for the baby." Amei was still worried, and Professor Huang said with a smile: "Look at what a good husband, don't worry, even if the characters clash, with his heart, you should muster up your courage." A Mei decided to try lymphocyte immunotherapy with A De, and everything went well. After the second injection, Amei's blocking antibody turned positive, and she became pregnant successfully, and passed the bottleneck period of the first two miscarriages safely. According to Professor Huang's instructions, he re-examined the blocked antibody again, and it was still positive, and there was no back pain. A Mei's heart finally fell, and the mother smiled and was busy looking for the birth supplies for the child. The shadow of the discord between husband and wife finally dissipated in the husband and wife's concentric insistence. Tips: In addition to lymphocyte immunotherapy, there is also the traditional oral immunosuppressant cyclosporine A to protect the fetus. This drug is widely used in organ transplantation and the treatment of autoimmune diseases. However, since animal experiments have found that the use of large doses of the drug during pregnancy may have embryotoxicity, the safety and effectiveness of this treatment regimen are still controversial. However, no abnormality has been found in the current research and follow-up of neonates.

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