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Stay away from dental calculus with two simple actions! give you good teeth

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Stay away from dental calculus with two simple actions! give you good teeth

Whether you eat or drink in life, a biofilm will form on the surface of your teeth, and this film will produce tartar over time and bacteria will multiply. Cause: Food residues, oil stains and saliva adhere to the surface of the teeth, forming a kind of dental soft scale. After a long time, the soft scale gradually calcifies and hardens, forming dental calculus. Common symptoms Dental calculus can stimulate the periodontal tissue, and also press on the gums, which can easily lead to inflammation and shrinkage of the gums. Bad breath, which causes headaches in many people, is also associated with it, and dental calculus is rich in bacteria. Treatment and prevention 1. Regular scaling is the best treatment method. The calculus grows very strong and can only be removed by regular scaling by mechanical external force. 2. Brushing your teeth can remove most of the soft tartar and prevent the formation of dental calculus, but the brushing method must be correct. For example, the Bayesian brushing method can effectively clean the teeth. 3. To clean the gap between the teeth, which is the most easily overlooked, you can use dental floss or interdental brush to clean and brush the gap between the teeth, so that you can really wash every angle. A better way is to visit the dentist regularly for cleaning. Removing deeper calculus is also the key to maintaining teeth.


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