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Is the disease outbreak period for men aged 45 to 65? 5 things to avoid

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Is the disease outbreak period for men aged 45 to 65? 5 things to avoid

What behaviors should middle-aged men gradually correct?

1. Smoking and drinking The reason why smoking and drinking are placed in the first place is because of the great harm to the body. Cigarette smoke contains too many harmful substances and carcinogens. Although there are no symptoms when you are young, with the involvement of the body, it is easy to induce chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, hypertension and lung cancer. Alcohol is a recognized carcinogen. , Drinking directly damages the liver, easily induced cirrhosis and liver cancer, so quitting smoking and drinking is the first priority. 2. Sedentary Although sedentary is more comfortable, this lifestyle can hurt the body and increase the risk of many chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, and tumors. Lack of exercise can weaken metabolism, affect body regulation, and easily cause fat and sugar metabolism disorders. Therefore, the sedentary time should be reduced, the continuous sitting should not exceed 2 hours, and the time to exercise should be found. 3. Snoring Snoring is not a good phenomenon, especially when snoring pauses for a few seconds, lack of energy and drowsiness during the day, etc., it is necessary to think of sleep apnea syndrome at the first time, which can reduce the oxygen content in the blood for a long time. Hypoxia of tissues and organs throughout the body, and even lead to sudden death. Those who snore frequently should adjust their sleeping position and seek medical treatment if necessary. 4. Some middle-aged men at home are reluctant to go out, and the daily activity is very small. Over time, it can cause muscle atrophy, reduce skeletal muscle strength, easily cause osteoporosis, and increase the risk of fractures. Therefore, proper outdoor activities and exposure to sunlight can stimulate the skin to generate vitamin D3, which is conducive to calcium absorption, maintains normal bone density, and avoids bone deformity or weakening. 5. Wrong posture and not correct posture will cause heat accumulation, wear and tear between muscles, break the body's balance ability, affect blood circulation, and also cause lower back and neck pain. In addition, frequent stooping can increase the pressure on the buttocks, causing stiffness and pain in the buttocks muscles, affecting the movement of the hip joints. Therefore, the poor posture should be corrected, and the standing and sitting postures should be correct. Family Doctor Jun's Message Middle-aged men should not ignore physical discomfort. Once unexplained weight loss, chest pain, abnormal breathing, edema, and blood in the stool, they should seek medical attention immediately. The risk of men suffering from prostate disease, cancer and cardiovascular disease can increase with age. Therefore, starting from the age of 45, regular physical examinations, targeted anti-cancer screening, and eliminating signs of disease. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization

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