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What to do if you have arthritis of the knee? Do these 5 things

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What to do if you have arthritis of the knee? Do these 5 things

Knee arthritis is an orthopedic disease that mostly occurs in the elderly. Initially, there will be symptoms of joint pain during activities, and it will manifest as paroxysmal pain. Later, it will develop into aggravated pain at night, and it will be persistent. In severe cases, it may even lead to lameness or joint deformation. Therefore, patients with knee arthritis should actively cooperate with doctors for treatment, and also do a good job of nursing care.

What about knee arthritis?

1. Conservative treatment There are many methods of conservative treatment. Drugs, massage, hyperthermia, etc. are used more frequently. Most of the drugs are painkillers, which can help patients relieve pain, but these drugs may cause pain. It has relatively large side effects on the gastrointestinal tract, and massage and hyperthermia can only relieve pain. 2. Surgical treatment If the arthritis recurs repeatedly, and the deformity has already appeared, surgery should be taken. Traditional surgical treatment is relatively traumatic to patients, and may cause various complications, and the recovery speed is relatively slow, so the utilization rate is relatively low. It is recommended to adopt new surgical methods, such as computer navigation technology-assisted knee replacement. . 3. Active weight loss The knee joint bears most of the weight of the body. If the weight exceeds the standard, the pressure on the knee joint will be much higher than that of normal people. Over time, the wear and tear of the knee joint will become more and more serious. The function of the joint cavity and soft tissue will also be damaged, making the degenerative disease occur earlier and more seriously. Therefore, patients with knee arthritis should actively lose weight. It is recommended to lose weight through a combination of diet and exercise. 4. Avoid excessive use of the knee joint. Patients with knee arthritis should try to avoid excessive use of the knee joint when exercising, such as climbing, weight-bearing, squatting, running and other sports as much as possible. It is recommended to choose sports with less weight on the knee, such as swimming. Also, wear knee pads on your knees when exercising. 5. Carry out appropriate rehabilitation training Knee arthritis patients should carry out appropriate rehabilitation training under the guidance of doctors. They can do squat and stand up activities, but the time cannot be too long. It is recommended to do medical gymnastics and aerobics. After exercise, General symptoms can be alleviated, while joint stiffness can be avoided and the range of motion of the joints can be maintained. Even if you do not suffer from knee arthritis, middle-aged and elderly people should pay special attention to all aspects. First of all, you must actively control your weight to keep your weight within a normal range, which will not only help prevent knee arthritis. , It also has a good effect on preventing chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure or high blood sugar. In addition, no matter you participate in any exercise, you must avoid excessive use of the knee joint, and avoid increasing the amount of exercise or exercise intensity in a short period of time. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization

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