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How to distinguish between depression and depression? Do I have to receive treatment after being diagnosed?

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How to distinguish between depression and depression? Do I have to receive treatment after being diagnosed?

When talking about the topic of mental and mental health, we have to talk about depression. According to the relevant statistics of the World Health Organization, depression has become the second largest disease after heart disease. At least 350 million people in the world suffer from depression due to depression. tormented. In my country, relevant surveys show that the population with depression has exceeded 90 million! Although the publicity of mental health has been greatly improved by all parties in the society, because psychological problems are not as direct as physical problems, and people have certain misunderstandings about psychological problems, the actual treatment rate of depression is still very low. !

Then the question is, do I have to get treatment for depression?

Depression VS Depression The first thing to do is to distinguish whether you have depression or depression. Although they are both unhappy, sad and sad, it is actually very simple to distinguish between the two, which can be judged from the following three points: 01. Time: Depressed mood is relatively short, and depression lasts for 2 weeks and more above. 02. Cause analysis: Depression is mainly affected by social and psychological factors, such as the sudden death of a loved one, lovelorn breakup, unemployment and other negative events. Depression, on the other hand, has no obvious influence of social and psychological factors. Even a trivial matter may lead to an "outbreak", which is mostly related to growth experience, genetics, and abnormal neurotransmitters in the brain. 03. Other symptoms: In addition to low mood, depression is also accompanied by obvious psychotic symptoms such as loss of interest, decreased social function, physical pain, sleep disturbance and other manifestations. Depression is almost absent. 04. Whether self-healing: Depressed emotions can be self-healed by self-adjustment or other people’s comfort, but the pathological symptoms of depression will persist, and it is difficult to self-relieve without treatment. 05. Severity: Depression is more serious than depression, it will not only damage cognitive function, but also affect social function to a certain extent, and even cause suicidal thoughts or behaviors! Usually, there is a clear reason for stimulation, which can be improved through self-regulation or other people's comfort, mostly depression, depression is a normal physiological response and does not need treatment, otherwise it is more likely to be depression, and depression is more likely. Symptoms should receive professional treatment!

How can I diagnose depression?

In addition to the depressive symptoms we mentioned above, you can also use a professional depression assessment scale to test it at home before seeking medical attention. (The home page has shared scales commonly used in psychiatry, including depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, etc.) If your symptoms and professional scale tests both point to depression, it is recommended to face a psychiatrist as soon as possible Psychiatrist. Because doctors need to diagnose depression through face-to-face communication and related auxiliary examinations, the first diagnosis should go to a professional psychiatric hospital or the psychiatric department of a general hospital. If you are inconvenient to seek medical treatment later, you can choose online consultation.

Does a diagnosis require treatment?

After the diagnosis is made, the doctor will not mandate what must be done, but in principle, the depression should be treated with medication if it is moderate or above. However, if you do not take any treatment measures (psychotherapy, physical therapy, drug therapy), it will be more difficult to achieve the purpose of recovery through self-adjustment. From the current clinical feedback, there are relatively few successful cases. Most of them need to be controlled by drugs to stabilize their emotional state! For mild depression, you can try psychotherapy first, consult a psychologist or a psychological consultant, adjust your thinking and cognition with the assistance of professionals, and improve your mental state. Of course, self-adjustment is also an indispensable part.


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