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How can we protect the stomach?

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How can we protect the stomach?

How can we protect the stomach? It is said that 60% of people have gastroenteritis, and many people are infected with Helicobacter pylori. According to the introduction of the famous medical journal The Lancet, these inflammations may turn into cancer if they take a long time. There are also some people who are more sensitive, suspicious and insecure. Easily anxious, the stomach is a horn organ, easily affected by emotions, a little inflammation, excessive worry, the formation of gastric neurosis. In many cases, stomach problems are both physical and psychological diseases. Protecting the stomach starts from the following aspects: reasonable diet, emotional regulation, nutritional supplements, moderate exercise, and quitting smoking and drinking. First of all, master the scientific nutritional knowledge, the methods of preventing inflammation, understand the influence of emotions on the autonomic nerves and the stomach, learn the methods of regulating emotions, and understand the protective effect of probiotics on the intestinal tract. Prevention and conditioning of the stomach is mainly by supplementing high-quality nutrition, repairing damaged cells, and by changing irrational cognition, establishing a new thinking mode, preventing and reducing the impact of anxiety on the stomach. Asian nutrition expert Cai Yingjie has said that in order to survive, the intestines must be free of feces. The intestines are not only the most important organs of digestion and absorption in the human body, but also known as the accessory brain, which has the function of thinking. To prevent constipation, it is necessary to have a reasonable diet, eat more vegetables and fruits with more dietary fiber, moderate exercise, and supplement high-quality probiotics to maintain the balance of intestinal flora.

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