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Xuzhou Fear: What Misunderstandings Are in Fear Therapy?

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Xuzhou Fear: What Misunderstandings Are in Fear Therapy?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: What are the misunderstandings in the treatment of phobias? Clinically, phobia refers to a neurosis characterized by persistent depression and depression. Often accompanied by anxiety, physical discomfort and sleep disturbance, it has a great impact on our normal life. So what are the pitfalls of treating phobias? Conventional phobia treatment: (1) Sunlight and exercise: more sun exposure and exercise are beneficial to phobias; more physical activity can unexpectedly relax the mood; ultraviolet rays in the sun can more or less improve a person's mood. This method of treating phobias works well. (2) Psychotherapy: It is mainly used to change inappropriate cognitive or thinking habits, or behavioral habits, which can fundamentally solve the problem. Psychotherapy, if the problem is relatively minor, you can get help through telephone counseling or psychological counseling agencies. (3) Medication: Used to alter the imbalance of neurochemicals in the brain, including antidepressants, sedatives, sleeping pills, and antipsychotics. Misunderstandings in the treatment of phobias: Misunderstanding 1: Treat phobias as insomnia. Some phobias are accompanied by symptoms of insomnia, and many phobias believe that as long as they sleep well, their mood will naturally improve. But they don't know that while suppressing nerves to achieve sedation, it also suppresses their emotions, making patients more depressed and unhappy. This will not only cure the disease, but also cause depression, further depression, and adverse effects on future treatment. Misunderstanding 2: Abusing western medicine, reducing and stopping medicine without permission. The treatment of western medicine phobia is limited to controlling the symptoms and cannot be stopped. Once the drug is stopped or reduced, it will cause relapse, and long-term medication will bring great harm to the health of patients. Myth 3: For the treatment of coexistence of several diseases, phobias cannot be treated alone. While this temporarily relieved fear symptoms, other obsessive-compulsive anxieties persisted, suggesting that treatment was incomplete, and without holistic treatment, the disorder could recur. Specific treatment should be based on the principle of overall treatment of phobias, taking into account anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders or phobias. It is necessary to consider not only the commonality of the disease, but also the different characteristics of each patient's condition, the deviation of the patient's physical and psychological quality, and the vulnerability to external evil. In this way, a good therapeutic effect can be achieved, and there is little recurrence after cure.

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