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5 common words for "depression", or you can pay more attention to the people around you

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5 common words for "depression", or you can pay more attention to the people around you

Depression is a mental illness. Now the pace of society is getting faster and the pressure on everyone is gradually increasing. Therefore, the number of people with depression is increasing every year. Now the harm of depression is getting more and more serious. Mortality rates are rising, and depression has become a common disease due to current social rhythms and pressures. The danger of depression is beyond people's imagination. Because of depression, it is necessary to bear huge psychological pressure, and it will often produce behaviors that want to hurt oneself, so we must have a correct understanding of depression in peacetime.

What is depression?

Depression is a common mental illness, manifested as low mood, decreased interest, pessimism and world-weariness, poor diet and sleep, worrying about various diseases, nausea in many places, and suicidal thoughts in severe cases and behavior.

Causes of depression

1. Personal susceptibility to physical factors: poor physical fitness, difficult to regulate mentality, more prone to a series of mental metabolism Disorders induce depression. 2. Genetic factors: The closer the blood relationship is with the patient, the higher the probability of the disease, and the probability of relatives is much higher than that of other relatives, which is in line with the general law of genetic diseases. 3. Social stress factors: The appearance of any disease has its external causes, and depression is no exception.

5 common words for "depression", or pay more attention to the people around you

The first sentence "I'm really tired "When all the tissues and organs of the body and the nervous system of the brain are in a highly working or learning state, the body will send a tired signal to the central nervous system of the human brain, and the human body will be in a state of sleepiness and psychological depression centered on the brain. , the mental state gradually deteriorated, thereby finding depression. The central nervous system and the heart are in a state of depression or high pressure for a long time, which will send out signals of fatigue and sleepiness. When the human body is in a state of study or work, it will use people's experience and self-motivation to become indecisive when dealing with problems, unable to deal with external things. Make good judgments with those around you. The second sentence, "It's all my fault." Patients with mild depression and severe depression will first enter the clinical stage of self-denial and depression in the early stage of their illness. Patients feel that their friends and even the environment around them are out of tune with themselves. Even if there is a problem, I think it's my fault. Third: "I'm bored." Once you suffer from depression, your ability to resist stress will gradually decrease. If you encounter a little setback, your mentality will gradually become irritable, and you will often say "I'm so annoying." Over time, it leads to an abnormal emotional breakdown, and slowly loses confidence in life. Fourth: "It is better to live than to die." Depressed patients feel that life is not fun and that living is a wrong choice, so many times they feel that it is better to die and not have so many troubles. They are also very anxious at this time and can't see to any hope. Depressed patients are also more likely to be angry with people close to them. They will feel that others do not understand them, and only they know what they want. At this time, they will develop an autistic mentality. Fifth: "Leave me alone" Depressed patients are usually very irritable, have great psychological changes, lose hope and confidence in life, and usually do not want to disturb others. They will often be alone in a closed environment, and they will often say " Leave me alone."

What is the best treatment for depression?

First of all, consider whether you need to seek medical attention. Although you cannot make a diagnosis, most people can realize that there is a problem with their emotions. Does this bad mood affect your life? Has your life been affected, such as suicidal thoughts? If the symptoms are mild and there is no aggressive behavior, then you can find a psychiatrist for consultation, and usually encourage yourself to adjust your mentality.

What is not recommended for depression?

Depressed patients cannot drink alcohol: Alcohol is naturally the most strictly prohibited alcohol product, which means that patients with depression should reduce their drinking. Excessive drinking will make people more depressed. The so-called drinking will make them feel more depressed, and drinking will cause Suppressing their appetite will not only cause malnutrition, but also damage their health. To a certain extent, it will aggravate the condition of depression. The diet for depression should be kept away from alcohol. People with depression eat less processed foods and sweets: People who eat too many cooked and high-fat foods may have an increased risk of "depression," products that are difficult to digest and are often thought of by people with depression Often loss of appetite, poor digestion and absorption.


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