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Xuzhou Fear: Why is social anxiety so hard to treat?

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Xuzhou Fear: Why is social anxiety so hard to treat?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: Social phobia means not being able to communicate normally with people around you. As long as there are many people in contact, I dare not speak, and it is difficult to express something with normal movements. It's a distinct mental disorder, and it's a form of heart disease. Patients should adjust themselves in time, otherwise it will cause great harm and seriously affect their future life. So why is social phobia so hard to treat? psychological reasons. People with social phobia generally have high self-esteem, a fear of being rejected by others, or a lack of confidence in their appearance. family reasons. Suppressed personality since childhood, or parents did not teach them social skills, or the family moved too often. Social Causes. Living in a harsh social environment, you will suffer a lot of setbacks in the process of interacting with people. Why is social phobia difficult to treat? mode of thinking. In fact, personality is the external manifestation of one's own way of thinking, and an incorrect way of thinking produces social phobia. For example, over-self-reflection caused by an attack on an over-perfectionist, every social phobia should be about the "self" (id, ego, superego). character reasons. The character itself is the fear of doing things wrong, the fear of interacting with people, and the fear that others will see some of their shortcomings in the interaction with others, which leads to avoidance of society. unwilling to interact with others.

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