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Xuzhou delusions: what are the common manifestations of delusions?

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Xuzhou delusions: what are the common manifestations of delusions?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: The occurrence of paranoia can be said to have brought some trouble and harm to our health. However, now many friends are affected by the disease delusional disorder. So, you must pay attention. So, what are some common introductions to how delusional disorder is diagnosed? How to diagnose and classify delusional disorder: 1. Delayed thinking: The mental manifestations of delusional disorder symptoms can also be manifested as slow speech, low pronunciation, low volume, and slow reaction. All speech and actions need to overcome significant resistance. Common errors in the diagnosis of paranoia. How to classify paranoia? A few people with severe delusions can keep silent and rest in bed, which is called delusional stupor. Patients with agitational delusional disorder have significantly increased speech and actions, anxiety and fear, excitement and self-injury, which are very dangerous. 2. Extremely negative emotions: The most representative symptom of paranoia should be emotional expression. Delusional patients can no longer feel joy, anger, sorrow and joy, are not interested in everything, and gradually develop world-weary thoughts. Common Mistakes in Delusional Diagnosis Severe emotional delusions always bring about thoughts of self-blame and self-blame. Patients may refuse to eat or just eat because of their guilt delusions. 3. Frequent physical discomfort: The most perceptible symptom of a delusional patient himself or others should be physical discomfort. How is Categorical Delusional Disorder Diagnosed? Patients will appear haggard and old, vision loss, loss of appetite, decreased physical fitness, decreased sweat and saliva production, constipation, and decreased libido. Female patients often have amenorrhea and sleep disorders such as intractable insomnia. 4. Suicidal intent is clear and easy to achieve: Suicidal attempts and behavior are the most dangerous symptoms of paranoid patients. It can appear in the severe stages of symptoms, or in the early stages or when it gets better. Patients with common misunderstandings in the diagnosis of delusional disorder often have careful planning in advance, conceal their actions, and avoid the attention of medical staff, so suicide is often successful.


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