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Scientific and healthy way to lose weight

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Scientific and healthy way to lose weight

Scientific and healthy way to lose weight There are more and more obese people, especially more and more chubby people. It is generally believed that the living conditions are too good, but it is actually caused by poor living habits and diets under the premise of good economic conditions. caused by habit. The traditional weight loss is mainly based on strenuous exercise and abstinence of diet, so that the effect can be seen in the short term, but it is easy to rebound and harm the body. A small number of people's obesity is related to heredity, but most of them are due to poor living habits, dietary habits and structural problems. I know some obese people and found that they used to stay up late, overeating, irritable, willful, smoking Insufficient alcohol, lack of exercise, etc., coupled with the changes in planting and breeding methods in recent years, the extensive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the popularization of early harvesting technology in greenhouses, frying and frying, and food finishing, resulting in a decline in food quality, vitamins and minerals in food , There are very few bioflavonoids, and many cells are in a sub-healthy state. These habits damage the organs and damage the metabolic function. The scientific way to lose weight is to regulate the liver, restore the metabolic function of the liver, clean up the intestines, and regulate the flora of the intestines.


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