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Relax the age of nine-valent HPV vaccination, what about those who have been vaccinated with bivalent and quadrivalent?

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Relax the age of nine-valent HPV vaccination, what about those who have been vaccinated with bivalent and quadrivalent?

Cervical cancer refers to a cancer that occurs in the cervix of the female uterus. It is the third most common malignant tumor in women worldwide, after breast cancer and colorectal cancer. It is mainly based on squamous cell carcinoma, followed by adenocarcinoma, and the common metastasis routes are direct spread and lymphatic metastasis.

So, why does a good person get cervical cancer?

In fact, cervical cancer does not "appear out of thin air", it is mainly related to infection with HPV. HPV is a virus called human papilloma, which is divided into high-risk types and low-risk types according to its risk factor and disease intensity. type. From the current point of view, about 70% of cervical cancers are caused by HPV types 16 and 18, followed by types 21, 31, 33, 45 and so on. High-risk HPV types are: HPV16, 18, 30, 31, 33, 35, 39, and 53. Compared with other types of cancer, the biggest advantage of cervical cancer is that the corresponding vaccine has been successfully developed, which can be prevented by vaccination!

There are currently three cervical cancer vaccines on the market, namely bivalent, quadrivalent and 9-valent:

Bivalent HPV vaccine : Prevention of HPV16 and 18 high-risk types of viruses, suitable for vaccination ages 9-45 years old, the preventive effect that can be achieved is: 70% cervical cancer, 65% vaginal cancer, 85% anal cancer. Quadrivalent HPV vaccine: Prevents HPV16 and 18 high-risk viruses HPV6 and 11 low-risk viruses, suitable for 20-45 years old, the preventive effect is 70% cervical cancer, 65% Vaginal cancer, 85% of anal cancers and 90% of genital warts. Nine-valent HPV vaccine: Prevents seven high-risk HPV types 16, 18, 31, 33, 45, 52, and 58 and two low-risk HPV types 6 and 11. Vaccination at the age of 16-26 years (before the revision) can achieve a preventive effect of 90% of cervical cancer, 85% of vaginal cancer, 95% of anal cancer and 90% of condyloma acuminatum. Due to age restrictions and the shortage of vaccines on the market, many people missed the nine-valent and had no choice but to choose the bivalent or quadrivalent vaccine. However, on the evening of August 30, the website of the State Food and Drug Administration released news that the age of HPV nine-valent vaccine has been extended from the original 16-26 years old to 9-45 years old, which caused a great sensation for a while, and several companies were happy and some were sad. Some people expressed that they were very angry. They had just been vaccinated with the second price, but now they told themselves that the nine price had let go of their age. The range of quadrivalent prevention should be larger....

From a doctor's point of view, relax the vaccination age of HPV nine-valent vaccine. My opinion Yes:

The relaxation of the vaccination age is definitely a good thing for the general public, and they can have more choices according to their economic situation and actual needs. But it is still necessary to keep in mind the principle "the earlier the vaccination, the better the effect", it is best to be vaccinated before the age of 15, so that the role of the vaccine can be better played. However, for adult women who have had sexual life, it is best to go to the hospital for relevant examinations before vaccination. If there is infection-related virus, it is advisable to vaccinate after treatment.

Can people who have been vaccinated with bivalent or quadrivalent vaccinated with the ninth rate?

At present, it is not possible to mix HPV vaccines. If you are vaccinating bivalent and quadrivalent vaccines, you should complete the vaccination according to the normal vaccination process. As for whether you can supplement 9-valent or other similar vaccines on this basis in the future, you can also Waiting for news from the authorities. For friends who have been vaccinated with bivalent and quadrivalent, don't worry too much, because these two vaccines have prevented most of the cancer-causing viruses.

Is the HPV vaccine 100% preventable?

Vaccination is indeed an effective preventive measure, but you can't do whatever you want after being vaccinated. Individuals should pay more attention in their daily life, whether it is time to have a physical examination or a physical examination on time. Moreover, due to the difference in individual immune systems, the probability of infection after vaccination also exists. Therefore, even after vaccination, individuals should maintain a healthy lifestyle and rest habits, and constantly strengthen exercise to improve their immunity!

Will it be harder to get an appointment after the vaccine is age-reduced?

Because my country's HPV nine-valent vaccine is currently completely dependent on imports, and my country's population base is relatively large, it is indeed in a state of short supply, but you don't have to worry too much, because many domestic HPV nine-valent vaccines have entered the market. It is believed that the Phase III clinical trial will be approved for marketing in the near future, and the "freedom of nine-valent vaccine" will soon be realized! Do you have any other questions about the relaxation of the age of HPV nine-valent vaccine, you can comment in the message area! #Why relax the age of 9-valent HPV vaccination#


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