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What shade is your period? Blackening means "dirty stuff"? 2 aspects

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What shade is your period? Blackening means "dirty stuff"? 2 aspects

As a girl, I have the same experience. For a few days every month, I was tortured to death by the "big aunt". When I went to the toilet, it turned black! Immediately, the whole person felt bad. Some people say that menstrual darkening is the discharge of "dirty things", and there are other sayings that menstrual darkening may be due to some diseases. So, what is the reason? It doesn't matter if menstrual blood turns black, this article will tell you about the majority of female friends. First of all, we should clarify what color the menstrual blood should be in general.

What color should menstrual blood be?

We all know that menstrual blood is the shed endometrium, and there are spiral arterioles and venules in the endometrium, so menstruation is a mixture of arterial blood and venous blood, of which arterial blood accounts for the vast majority. It should not be bright red blood, but a slightly darker color. Of course, the slightly darkened color is still some distance away from the black that girls are afraid of. But this is not to say that black is abnormal, black menstruation is most likely due to the following conditions.

What's up with dark periods?

If menstruation is not released in time, menstrual blood will collect in the uterine cavity. Then it will gradually solidify, the color will gradually deepen, and the blood clot will form. When you stand up and move about, black menstrual blood will flow out, frightening many girls. However, this behavior is actually quite normal.

Especially the following groups of people are more likely to have this condition.

1. Due to the nature of work, many girls may need to work at a desk for a long time, so the sedentary state will lead to poor menstruation, and the menstrual blood will naturally turn black. It is recommended to stand up and move for 5 to 10 minutes every hour, even if you are not on your period. 2. If the position of the uterus is abnormal, if the position of the uterus is excessively tilted forward and backward, it will cause the retention of menstrual blood in the uterine cavity for a long time. This results in black menstrual blood. However, this situation generally does not need to worry, as long as the menstruation is smooth. 3. If the menstrual flow is heavy and the sanitary napkin is not absorbed in time, it will cause menstrual retention and form black blood clots. In this case, there may be a risk of anemia, so be careful. However, menstrual darkening is not entirely a physiological problem. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, it may be related to the following factors.

What factors may be associated with dark periods?

Qi and blood deficiency manifests as early or wrong menstrual cycle, more or less menstrual blood, and prolonged menstrual period. Or less abdominal pain, dizziness and so on. Kidney deficiency is characterized by five regular menstrual cycles, less volume, and pale red or dark red color. It is also accompanied by soreness and weakness of the waist and knees, heel pain, dizziness, tinnitus, coldness in the lower abdomen, and nocturia. Qi stagnation and blood stasis are characterized by irregular menstruation, more or less menstrual volume, purple-red color, lumps, and poor menstruation. Or accompanied by lower abdominal pain refusal to press, or chest and flank, breast, lower abdominal pain, abdominal discomfort and so on. If the above situation occurs, the girls can be treated with targeted medication. It should be noted that although the blackening of menstrual blood may be physiological or pathological, it should also be noted that it is not advisable to eat cold, hot and sour foods and drink more water. (The content of this issue has been reviewed by professional doctors) Special reminder: The above popular science content is only for the exchange of experience. Considering individual differences, if you feel unwell, you can consult a professional doctor online; if you have an acute or serious illness, please go offline immediately Hospital visit! Reference: [1] Why do women's menstrual color turn black [J]. Self-care, 2016, 0(11): 4. Source | Written by Doctor Miaoshou (reprinting is prohibited without authorization) | Source of pineapple pictures | Toutiao


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