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Xuzhou Depression: What should be paid attention to in depression treatment?

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Xuzhou Depression: What should be paid attention to in depression treatment?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: Every depressed patient is unfortunate. Encountering such a problem, they are most concerned about two things, one is whether it can get better, and the other is how long it will take to recover. Can depression be cured? As a depressed patient for two years, this is the sentence I ask the most. I don't just ask my friends, family, partner, doctor, etc. I have asked myself many times. So now that depression has been away from me for five years, I can tell you clearly that depression can be cured! Clinical data also show that more than 75% of patients recover after receiving systemic medication and psychotherapy. That is to say, depression is not an incurable disease, but there will be some pain and suffering in the process of recovery, but since it has happened, we must actively face it. How long does it take for depression to heal? Clinically considered indicators of depression recovery: after receiving professional treatment for at least 9 months, the main symptoms disappear, and there will be no obvious pathological features for 2 to 3 months, that is, the patient's well-being can remain at a normal level. That is, it takes at least 2-4 weeks to take antidepressants during the acute phase of depression. To truly recover, at least one systematic and adequate course of treatment is required. Most depressions take about half a year to feel a noticeable improvement in mood. So don't worry about this! Don't get too hung up on recovery time. Many depression patients pay special attention to their own depression recovery time, which is actually a very big misunderstanding. If you do this, it will only increase your psychological burden and will not help the disease much. The first step in treating depression is accepting the reality of depression and taking the first step towards receiving treatment. Depression is a mood-related mental disorder. In the past 15 years, a large number of clinical drug experiments have proved that antidepressant drugs are safe and effective in the treatment of depression. And current research on psychotherapy does help with depression. So it's good to leave these problems to the doctor, and it may be better to "turn a blind eye" to the disease, because often depression may leave you first. If you are too persistent to refuse, then it can only be as difficult to get rid of as a dog skin plaster! Avoid self-reduction. Many people feel that their mood has changed after taking antidepressants and psychotherapy. It's easy to reduce your dosage at this time. Because many people may feel that after the condition has improved to a certain extent, the effect of taking the medicine will not be so obvious. But many studies have shown that unauthorized withdrawal not only increases the chance of repeated relapses, but also puts patients into a persistent dysthymia state.

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