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Xuzhou Psychology: Are you suppressing anxiety?

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Xuzhou Psychology: Are you suppressing anxiety?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: From a positive perspective, one must be able to perceive the presence of inhibition. Otherwise, we underestimate its frequency because we often don't know how much inhibition we have. In order to know if you are suppressing your inner anxiety in some way, you need to consider three factors. First, you need to know your true desire to do something, so that you can know if you really do not have the desire to do it, or because of Some scruples do not dare to do it. Suppose, the key idea for something comes up. Slight inhibition can make the person timid and afraid to express those criticisms. The inhibitory effect may also be so strong that such critical thoughts do not arise at all. So he will blindly accept other people's opinions, even praise. At the same time, I don't know that I have any scruples. In other words, if an inhibition is strong enough to suppress our desires or impulses, then we will be ignorant of its existence. The second factor: inhibition occurs when the individual performs an important function in life so that he prefers to insist that this is an unalterable fact. For example, if someone is so anxious about any competitive job that he ends up being exhausted trying any job, the person may insist that he is not strong enough for any job. That belief protects him, but if he admits he's inhibiting, he'll have to go back to work and get himself into that horrible anxiety. A third possibility is to return to cultural factors that exist in the individual. If an individual's inhibition is exactly what the culture recognizes, or is consistent with an established ideology, then the individual will never be aware of this individual inhibition. For example, a person who is extremely taboo to approach women will not feel restrained, because he views his behavior with the generally accepted concept of respecting women or women's sanctity; it is easy to be confused with the dogma that humility is a virtue . That is, the lack of critical thinking does not necessarily indicate the presence of inhibition, but may be due to general laziness and stupidity of the mind, or beliefs consistent with this dogma. In short, anxiety may lurk behind feelings of physical unpleasantness (tachycardia or exhaustion); it may be overshadowed by some plausible fear, such as drinking and having fun, or indulging in the underlying power of other pastimes. Then there's the culture we live in that makes almost all of us build up the self-defense mechanisms described above. The more unhinged an individual is, the more his personality is influenced and determined by these self-defense mechanisms, and the more and greater there are that he cannot or will not accomplish.


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