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Is Wang Yiyun moaning for nothing? Do we really understand depression?

Time:2022-12-03 12:41:32 author:Leisure vacation Read:996次
Is Wang Yiyun moaning for nothing? Do we really understand depression?

Last year, there was a very popular word, "the network suppresses the cloud", what does it mean? NetEase Cloud is a music player software owned by NetEase. NetEase Cloud is very free. There will be cover versions of various songs in it. For a period of time, the recommendation index of sad songs in NetEase Cloud has quietly increased. . It seems calm, but in fact the sadness of 0.00 has come quietly. Depressed patients are extremely prone to insomnia. Usually, they listen to music alone at the turning point, but all they hear is this kind of sad music. , which made the emotions in the heart break the defense immediately, so there are a lot of "sad literature" in the comment area, and they describe their own experiences in it. Therefore, the comment area of ​​NetEase Cloud has become a new scene for depression communication. But the good times don't last long. As more and more people join in, it is well known here. There are many people who do not suffer from depression and say that these people are moaning for nothing. With the deepening of contradictions, this has also brought depression into the public eye again. So is depression a moan? According to statistics, there are about 350 million depression patients in the world, and there are 95 million in our country. It is estimated that it will approach 100 million in a short time. The number of suicides due to depression exceeds 200,000 every year. Cancer is the second largest human killer: I didn't expect that one day, the mortality rate of a mental illness will be comparable to that of cancer. But depression is less difficult to treat than cancer, and there have been many cures for depression. So how did depression come about? Unlike physical illnesses, mental illnesses can be traced back to their origins. There are many factors that cause mental illnesses. There are three known ones: genetic factors, social and family environmental factors, and major changes in life. But most people with depression are in the latter two conditions, so treatment is relatively easy. But some people will ask, the treatment is easy, why do so many people commit suicide? This is because of the peculiarity of this condition. When we look at patients with depression, we will always feel "moaning", "hypocritical" and so on. However, introverted patients with depression are very uncomfortable and tormented, and they also know that their state is not good, but because of people's prejudice against mental illness, the number of patients with depression is very small, and most people choose to carry it by themselves. Then the disease gets worse, and when it comes to severe depression, death may be a relief for them. Therefore, we must maintain a tolerant attitude towards the depressed patients around us, actively guide them out of the emotional trap, and do not hold prejudice. Remember, don't love please don't hurt.

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