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Why do you get autism

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Why do you get autism

Autism (also known as autism) is a biologically based neurodevelopmental disorder caused by one or more reasons. Children with autism cannot learn like other normal children. They have social, communication and behavioral problems. with huge flaws and challenges. Children with autism should borrow the power of doctors and relatives to slowly get out of their inner confinement, so that autism will be cured one day. However, many children have this disease because of family reasons. If parents do not cooperate with autistic children in treatment and do not understand the cause of autism, it is difficult to treat children with autism. When the child is one or two years old, when he needs some toys and the like, the child usually uses his finger and the parent will go there immediately, and even sometimes the child sees something and the parent immediately brings it to the child. This kind of education will make the child develop a series of body language, so as to speak less. Children between the ages of 1 and 2 are the best time for language formation, and they are most eager to get heuristic education. Parents should stimulate their children's language system appropriately. The correct way to deal with it should be, when the child stretches his hand to something, he should tell him what he is referring to, and then ask him what he wants it for, and give the child more language stimulation, even communication, the child's language. talent can be activated.


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