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Xuzhou delusion: what harm does delusion do to patients?

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Xuzhou delusion: what harm does delusion do to patients?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: There are many mental illnesses in our lives, and delusional disorder is one of them with a high incidence rate. After the occurrence of this disease, it will bring serious aggression to the patient's friends, and we should be alert to the delusional disorder of menopause. So what harm does paranoia do to the patient's friends? Let's take a look. There are many types of delusions, most of which are murder delusions, stalking delusions, suspicion delusions, jealousy delusions, evil delusions, etc. Delusional injury to patients: 1. Delusional injury Delusions often lead to suicide attempts. If not diagnosed early and treated early, it can easily lead to catastrophe. People with delusional disorder often have special personality defects, such as subjective, sensitive, suspicious, high self-esteem, self-centeredness, and good fantasies. 2. Delusional patients with delusional disorder are unwilling to admit that they are ill, or are so bored that they deviate from the normal life track, or endanger public safety and cause serious social incidents. Be alert to the dangers of delusional disorder in menopause 3. Dangers of delusional disorder Delusion refers to the patient's paranoid thinking, random reasoning and judgment, mental disorders, and is an important symptom of mental illness. The patient may be accompanied by hallucinations, but no other obvious psychiatric symptoms. Do you now know the dangers of paranoia? The occurrence of paranoia can be said to have caused serious harm to us normal people. For friends suffering from delusional disorder, we must attach great importance to them, go to the regular hospital for examination and treatment in time, and usually do relevant psychological care.

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