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Xuzhou Depression: What are the hazards of smiling depression?

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Xuzhou Depression: What are the hazards of smiling depression?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: Smile depression is divided into two types, one is to deceive others with a smile. That is, out of face, or in order to cope with social, and forced to laugh. Knowing that they are distressed and depressed, but also afraid of being seen by others, this type of person acts nonchalantly. They are often afraid of not being understood by others, afraid that their vulnerability will be exposed, but no one really cares, or they are afraid that others do not like a sad face, so they do not want others to know, and choose to suffer silently and sadly. The other is to deceive yourself with a smile. That is, habitually denying your negative emotions and pretending that everything is fine. They often don't realize that they are actually depressed, but they just feel that something is wrong, it seems that they are less and less like themselves, and there is a feeling of being out of touch with reality. In fact, many people have various stigmatized understandings of depression in their hearts, thinking that it is cowardly and incompetent, so they are unwilling to face it. The first hazard of smiling depression is that people around you cannot find it in time, resulting in the inability to provide help in time. If the optimistic people around us say he's in a bad mood, our first reaction is to think he's joking and won't take it seriously. There are many visitors with smile depression. When they begin to behave strangely or even suddenly commit suicide, friends and relatives around them will be surprised to know that they have been depressed for a long time. The second danger is that living under the guise of a smile will make the repressed mood deeper and deeper. There is a famous little story about a man suffering from severe depression. He was depressed every day and his health was getting worse and worse. So he found the most famous psychiatrist in the area. The doctor spent a long time and tried many methods, but it still couldn't be cured. Later, the doctor said to him helplessly: "No way. I suggest you go to the circus outside the city. There is a clown there. He cured the whole city, and everyone is happy to see him. Maybe he can make you happy." The man He looked up at the doctor and said, "Doctor, I'm actually a clown."

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