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Explore the road to recovery from depression

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Explore the road to recovery from depression

In recent years, depression has become a hot word. The incidence of depression in the elderly, postpartum depression, and adolescent depression is very high. It is said that 95 million people have been diagnosed nationwide, and there is another The problem with headache is that once you suffer from it, it is not easy to recover, as if it is a terminal illness. In fact, depression is not complicated. No matter what industry or age group, the pathogenesis of depression is the same, that is, the personality is more sensitive, suspicious and insecure, inferior and timid, afraid of failure and dare not face it. People, after experiencing some things that are not faster, after experiencing some failures and setbacks, cannot objectively analyze the principle, do not actively seek methods, but blindly blame themselves, feel that they are useless, others are better than themselves, and high anxiety, high anxiety Over time, the mood gets worse and worse, and depression gradually develops. Once you understand the pathogenesis of depression, you can find scientific and efficient solutions. The essence of depression is an automated thinking program driven by anxiety. As long as you eliminate anxiety and change your thinking pattern, symptoms can be eliminated. The anxiety of depression mainly comes from the extremely low self-evaluation, the difficulty of magnifying the problem driven by anxiety, and then the despair of the future. When adjusting, start from adjusting the self-evaluation, find the strengths and strengths of the patient, and encourage the patient to be more Take action, keep trying, keep improving your self-confidence, and you can recover.

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