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Is there any hope for rebellious children?

Time:2022-12-03 13:33:43 author:Emergency treatment Read:884次
Is there any hope for rebellious children?

Is there any hope for rebellious children? I often see such videos on the Internet. Children aged 16, 7, 18, and 9 do not go to school. They hide in the room and play games every day. Tell the child, come out to eat, the answer is, get out, the mother is a little anxious, saying that the child is ignorant, and then the child scolds the mother, and even punches and kicks in a serious way, the mother squatted in the corner crying in despair, whenever she saw this Video, why is the child so confused, what causes it, is it the so-called adolescence rebellion? The child's words and deeds have nothing to do with adolescence, and this kind of rebellion will never be only during adolescence, and may even be like this throughout his life. It is definitely not born, but the environment of the day after tomorrow. Such children are annoying now, but in 1. , 2-year-old children are all angels of their parents. They all think that this child is smart. If he will not be admitted to Beiqing in the future, he can also take the 985 test. When analyzing this kind of problem, Lu Qin, a confidant sister, believes that spoiling is the core reason. Because of giving too much love, I become numb, thinking that everything should be my own, and the child has no heart. Because everything is arranged, he will not do anything, and the child is incompetent. Such children are everywhere, but the severity is different. Many already have relatively serious mental illnesses, but they refuse to seek medical treatment. No matter what their parents say, they refuse. These children have little hope of recovery. These children are self-righteous and aggressive. In many QQ groups with mental illness, most of them are born after 00. This shows that mental illness is very common among adolescents. People who suffer from psychological counseling are relatively timid and inferior, but they often do not read the content. Indiscriminate attacks, there is no sense of reverence at all. A well-known psychology professor said that these children are easy to get sick, but difficult to recover, and some of them basically cannot recover for life. The children in the video are extreme and it is very difficult to change, because they have no will to change, and children of what age have not yet been exposed to problems, educate children rationally, stop spoiling, give children room to grow, and guide them to participate in family affairs , Develop a sense of responsibility and hands-on ability, in order to cultivate children who are physically and mentally healthy, have a strong sense of responsibility, and know how to be grateful. Such children have strong resistance to attack and are not prone to mental illness.


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