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How to treat diabetes?

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How to treat diabetes?

How to treat diabetes? It is said that there are 14.1 billion people diagnosed with diabetes in the country, and 200 million people have high blood sugar. It is a veritable country with sugar people. If the treatment and prevention measures are not improved, many people with normal blood sugar will gradually become hyperglycemic. Some people who are already hyperglycemic will become diabetics, and some diabetics will have complications. No matter which number you look at, it is terrifying. This year, the number of diabetic patients has surged, and we have learned about the past living habits, eating habits, dietary structure, personality and emotions, exercise, and tobacco and alcohol control of diagnosed diabetic patients. There are common problems, indicating that the culprit of diabetes is living habits and Eating habits, but from the perspective of the increase in family style, many people interpret it as heredity, but it is more common for couples to have diabetes. This cannot be explained from genetics. In fact, it is still living habits, and eating habits and structure are the biggest factors. The prevention of diabetes mainly starts with a reasonable diet, moderate exercise, quitting smoking and drinking, and emotional regulation. On the other hand, in recent years, the way of planting and breeding has changed, the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has been widely used, and the hybrid technology of early harvesting in greenhouses has been popularized. In terms of grain refining, the nutritional quality of food is reduced, and the vitamins, minerals and bioflavonoids in the food are greatly reduced, so high-quality nutrients should be supplemented. Diabetics who have been diagnosed with diabetes should start with repairing damaged organs. By supplementing high-quality nutrients, they can use the body's super self-healing ability to repair damaged cells and gradually restore organ function. For diabetes that has been around for a long time or has even developed complications, it is necessary to supplement high-quality nutrients while actively treating it.

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