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These 3 symptoms appear in the body, it may be mania, don't take it seriously

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These 3 symptoms appear in the body, it may be mania, don't take it seriously

Having a healthy body is what everyone desires, and only a healthy body can make us study and work better. We are no strangers to diseases like mania, which also has a high incidence, there are many fears about the emergence of mania, and it also brings distress and pain to every family. But many people lack understanding of the symptoms of mania, and if you don't detect the disorder early enough to regulate and control yourself effectively, you can delay your treatment. What are the behavioral manifestations of mania? First, the thinking direction is easily changed. The association process is significantly accelerated, and the brain becomes smarter consciously, the brain is responsive, the thinking content is rich, concepts are generated one after another, and sometimes the language cannot keep up with the speed of thinking. Often quoted scriptures, and often high-profile, giving people a feeling of being too superficial and superficial. Both active and passive attention are enhanced, but not sustained, due to changes in the surrounding environment, which change the direction of thinking and topics. As a result, concepts are sometimes constantly emerging, and the imagination is extremely rich. Second, the mood is extremely high and I feel good about myself. I always feel very happy and happy. The happy state of mind is vivid, harmonious with the inner experience, and has a certain infectious power, which can often resonate with the people around me. But emotions can be volatile, more irritable, often hostile, or angry at the interference and opposition of others. 3. Vigorous activity has increased significantly. Vigorous activity has increased significantly. I cannot stand loneliness. I am busy all day, and I often do things without end. They prefer a lively environment, they are more talkative, enthusiastic and generous, they are also nosy and grievances, sometimes they like to joke, they are generous with money, pay attention to dressing up, they are more frivolous and like to approach the opposite sex. Acting rudely at times can increase appetite and libido regardless of the consequences. Less sleep, but energized and tireless. How to control mania First, in terms of diet, it is necessary to pay attention to a reasonable diet, which has a good auxiliary effect on the treatment of diseases. Eat less fried, spicy, and irritating foods. These foods are easy to excite people, and it is very important to maintain a happy mood. This allows people to actively and effectively reduce the probability of manic episodes. Second, psychological adjustment Psychotherapy refers to the use of verbal and non-verbal communication to affect people's psychological state, or to change the patient's emotions, moods, attitudes and behaviors, to reduce or eliminate the pain of mania. For behavioral and physical symptoms, we should change each other's cognition, emotion, attitude and behavior by means of explanation, support, sympathy and mutual understanding, so as to solve difficulties and reduce psychological pain. In addition, in the process of manic patients receiving physical therapy, the combination of psychotherapy can significantly improve the therapeutic effect and help maintain the effect. In short, mania is very harmful to physical and mental health. When some symptoms of mania are found, it must be adjusted in time and actively treated. [Disclaimer: The materials and pictures used in this article are from the Internet and literature, and are only used for the popularization of medical knowledge. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete]


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