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How to deal with depression during recovery? Do these 5 things to prevent relapse

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How to deal with depression during recovery? Do these 5 things to prevent relapse

Depression is a mental illness, which brings a double blow to the patient's physical and mental health. Serious patients may have suicidal thoughts. During the recovery period, patients must adjust their mentality and eliminate depression in time. How to deal with depression during recovery? 1. To prevent being stimulated Depressed patients should adjust their mentality and participate in more recreational activities in their spare time, such as playing ball, chess or practicing yoga. You can also travel with friends or family members to eliminate depression and anxiety in time. In life, you must protect yourself from being stimulated and disturbed, and stay away from people and things that make you angry. There will inevitably be various stimuli in life. You should strive to improve your tolerance and accept everything with a natural attitude. 2. Ensure adequate sleep No matter how busy the work is, you must arrange work and life reasonably, pay more attention to rest, go to bed early and get up late in winter, and go to bed before 10 o'clock in the evening. For people who work indoors for long periods of time, set aside at least two hours a day for outdoor activities. 3. Make more positive and optimistic friends. Almost all depressed patients will escape from reality. No matter what they do, they will feel inferior, and they will expand their shortcomings and think that they have achieved nothing, thus aggravating their depression. Usually, you should make more positive and optimistic friends, and take part in more group activities or travel with friends. In about half a month, the negative emotions will subside and people's self-confidence will be ignited. 4. Adjust your diet. Deep-sea fish such as sea fish and shrimp contain a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, which are like antidepressants, which can reduce anxiety. In addition, you can also eat more celery, leeks, rock sugar, honey, oysters, lamb, mushrooms, nuts, etc., which can also help relieve depression and anxiety. To do a good job of self-regulation, avoid drinking strong tea and coffee. Don't overuse your brain before eating, don't let your emotions get too nervous and excited, and don't do heavy physical and mental work immediately after eating. 5. Dietary therapy insist on drinking a bowl of almond lily soup every day, put the almonds in the pot for decoction and filter the residue to take out the juice, and then cook with fresh lily in the pot. Drinking it once a day has the effect of clearing the mind and soothing the mind. It can also assist in the treatment of neurasthenia and menopausal depression. [Disclaimer: The materials and pictures used in this article are from the Internet and literature, and are only used for the popularization of medical knowledge. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete]

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