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Schizophrenia seizes this golden treatment period and has a chance to return to normal life

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Schizophrenia seizes this golden treatment period and has a chance to return to normal life

Original article, a boy in his 20s who has just graduated from college is in a bad mood because of his girlfriend's proposal to break up. However, after a period of time, he has hallucinations and delusions, and he can't even work normally. Only then did he find out that he was suffering from "schizophrenia", and he got better after drug treatment, but the boy was afraid that his colleagues knew that he was sick and secretly stopped the drug, which would lead to aggravation of symptoms and weaken the efficacy of the drug. Fortunately, after surgery, his condition was stable. Many, no longer have relapse symptoms, have resumed normal work and social activities, and can even live alone outside the home, and their families are quite relieved. Therefore, schizophrenia is not as scary as the public thinks. Even if the drug effect is not good, as long as the golden treatment period of the operation is grasped, the patient has the opportunity to return to a normal life.

Schizophrenia is a brain disease that can Cause cognitive dysfunction, patients often have symptoms such as abnormal logical thinking, delusions, hallucinations, etc. Nowadays, various treatment methods such as psychology, drugs, electroconvulsive therapy, and surgery can be used to help patients return to a normal life track. However, the current social atmosphere still has a stigmatizing label for schizophrenia. Patients are often discriminated against and treated unequally. Originally, psychiatric treatment can improve the condition, but due to the social atmosphere, patients are afraid to face it and delay it. Seeking medical treatment is harmful to the person and society. Statistics show that the risk of violent attacks in patients with schizophrenia is most associated with factors such as alcohol, drug use, and lack of psychiatric treatment. That is to say, receiving psychiatric medicine can effectively reduce the violent behavior affected by symptoms. The public should encourage them to seek medical treatment and receive treatment as soon as possible, and hating the patient will not allow them to obtain better treatment. If you can receive timely and proper treatment at the early stage of the disease, the chances of recovery of schizophrenia patients will be greatly increased. Patients with schizophrenia who choose surgical treatment

need long-term drug treatment if they want to embark on the road to stable disease. Refusing to take medicine, and even taking medicine regularly, but the symptoms are still not relieved or improved. Every time schizophrenia attacks, it constantly damages the brain. The more attacks, the more serious the damage and the harder it is to recover. It may lead to a chronic course of disease and even affect subsequent life. Such patients should seize the golden period of surgical treatment, that is, after 3-5 years of drug treatment, surgery can eliminate intractable mental symptoms, improve the patient's medication compliance, reduce the subsequent dose of medication, and reduce the risk of disease recurrence and aggravation. , to help patients and their families return to normal life as soon as possible. As for whether the surgery will cause paralysis, disability, stupidity and other issues that the patient's family is generally worried about. In fact, the operation performed by the Functional Neurology Department of Shanghai Oriental Hospital is a precise and minimally invasive operation, with a positioning error of 0.1 mm, and the target of regulation is not in the brain movement and intelligent areas, so the above problems will not occur. The surgical expert team used a variety of imported equipment to complete the target location and surgical plan before the operation; intraoperatively, with the aid of a 1 cm skull aperture, the neuromodulation treatment was carried out directly to the lesion, the control area was only 1-3 mm, and the surgical risk was much lower. in traditional craniotomy.

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