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Lazy mom, watch out for terrible foot pain

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Lazy mom, watch out for terrible foot pain

His wife, Lin Xue, gave birth to a fat son by Caesarean section four days ago. He weighed a full eight pounds. Ling Feng, who was so happy to be passed down by three generations, was floating when he walked. The couple's parents and Ling Feng's five people have been around Lin Xue's mother and son these days. Lin Xue is "lazy" and doesn't need to exert any effort on the bed. Help put the body position until Lin Xue feels the most comfortable. After washing the diapers, Ling Feng picked up his son and came to Lin Xue's bedside, "Baby, call me mom". Lin Xue opened her eyes, looking haggard and frowning. "What's the matter, is there any discomfort?" Ling Feng said, "Today's spirit is much worse than yesterday." Lin Xue turned over with difficulty: "Yes, since last night, my left leg was swollen and swollen again. It hurts, I haven't slept well all night, and the pain is worse today, especially in the back of the calf." Without saying a word, Ling Feng quickly told the doctor about Lin Xue's condition, and Doctor He immediately came to Lin Xue's bed. Lift up both trousers to check. Before Doctor He could speak, Ling Feng suddenly called out, "Why are the legs different? The left leg seems to be swollen." Indeed, Lin Xue's left leg was bigger than his right. Dr. He asked, "Has Lin Xue been moving a lot these days? Did she get out of bed for a walk?" Ling Feng quickly explained, "We all let her lie on the bed, and we can handle everything, she didn't get out of bed to walk at all. , it is impossible for bruises and falls..." "The doctors and nurses didn't tell you to get up and move more after the surgery?" "Yes, but Lin Xue just finished giving birth and said that the wound hurts, so of course she should let it go. She rested a lot. Others say that if you don't get enough rest after giving birth, it will have an impact on your whole life." Ling Feng was right. Dr. He didn't ask any further questions, but said in a hurry, "Hurry up and have an ultrasound. I suspect that your spouse has venous thromboembolism in the lower extremities!" Sure enough, the ultrasound showed venous thrombosis, and Lin Xue was immediately transferred to vascular surgery for treatment. In fact, most of venous thrombosis can be avoided. Doctors and nurses have repeatedly asked to do more activities after surgery, which is a measure to prevent venous thrombosis. Lin Xue's family did not understand what the doctors and nurses meant. Based on the self-righteous principle that more rest is conducive to recovery, Lin Xue lay in bed for 4 days, which greatly increased the risk of venous thrombosis. The vascular surgeon said that once venous thrombosis occurs, you must rest more, immobilize the affected limb, that is, fix it in one position, try not to move as much as possible; absolutely do not massage the swollen part to try to recover early, because massage or exercise squeeze the blood vessels, which may lead to venous thrombosis It falls off and flows into the lungs through the blood, causing pulmonary embolism, which is life-threatening. After more than a week of treatment, Lin Xue's condition finally stabilized. The swelling in her calf subsided significantly, and there was no pulmonary embolism. However, after she was discharged from the hospital, she had to take medicine for a period of time, and she had to have blood drawn every few days for re-examination. Added a lot of pain and annoyance. Venous embolism, in layman's terms, means that the veins are blocked by blood clots, and the blood cannot return to the heart. If it occurs in the lower extremities, there will be swelling, pain, and fever in the lower extremities. Permanent damage to the lower extremities. The most serious consequence of a venous embolism is a pulmonary embolism: once a blood clot has broken off, it moves with the bloodstream, and if it reaches the lungs, it gets stuck in the capillaries of the lungs (Editor: Gradually from the veins to the right cardiovascular access). Widening, generally does not embolize; the right heart pumps blood to the lungs, the vascular access gradually narrows, and the thrombus will eventually get stuck in a pulmonary blood vessel), causing pulmonary embolism. Once a pulmonary embolism occurs, many patients die before they can be rescued. The mortality rate is so high that even doctors are afraid. The risk of venous embolism after a caesarean section is greater than with normal surgery. Because the coagulation factor increases during pregnancy, while the factor that dissolves the clot decreases, the blood is in a hypercoagulable state, and this phenomenon will continue for a period of time after delivery; the enlarged uterus will compress the blood vessels, causing the blood flow to be blocked and the blood flow rate to slow down. , it is easy to form blood clots, just like a large lake is easy to freeze and a flowing stream is not easy to freeze. In addition, blood volume increases during pregnancy, up to 40% to 45%, venous vasodilation, growth and reduction of tension, will also slow down blood flow. Of course, there is another very important point, that is, many family members, like Lin Xue's family, feel that it is very hard to conceive in October, and they must serve well after giving birth, and prevent the mother from moving, which will lead to slower blood flow. In fact, the more activity, the more contraction of the muscles, the intermittent squeezing of the blood vessels, which can increase the blood flow rate. Generally, medical staff will ask family members to massage the lower limbs of the patient more, do stretching and flexing exercises, and get up as soon as possible to reduce the risk of venous thrombosis. Except for some special operations, which require absolute bed rest after surgery, it is better to be more active after most operations. Venous embolism should be mainly prevented. Once venous embolism occurs, the patient must rest in bed, which is not conducive to the recovery of the body, and the drugs used to treat venous embolism may cause bleeding.

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