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Frequent insomnia? you may be eating wrong

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Frequent insomnia? you may be eating wrong

According to the 2021 National Health Insights Report, 73% of respondents have experienced sleep problems. Difficulty falling asleep, easy to wake up after falling asleep, difficult to fall back to sleep after waking up, and so on, tormenting us. Sleep how to do? It could be that you are not eating the right food. In fact, in addition to other foods, fruits are also easy to ignore. l When our body wants to sleep, the body secretes a substance called "melatonin". With this substance, we can fall asleep peacefully. However, at night, the secretion of melatonin is more vigorous. This is also our biological clock to adapt to the world. Studies have confirmed that grapes contain a large amount of melatonin, which can improve the sleep cycle and assist sleep. Other studies have shown that grapes may have higher levels of melatonin after they are made into wine, which is more conducive to sleep. l Jujube is also a fruit that insomnia patients eat more. Jujube has the effect of calming the nerves and helping sleep. Many folk remedies use jujube as a raw material. Red dates are rich in a lot of substances that are beneficial to human nutrition, and also have good health effects on the spleen. We can choose to take it after dinner with jujube and decoction with water, or porridge with lily, which will not only benefit the spleen, but also speed up the time to fall asleep. l Relevant studies have shown that longan can prevent long-term insomnia and high myopia, and can also help improve people's intelligence. For friends who are often dizzy, bloated, and have headaches, you can also choose to eat longan for adjuvant therapy. For friends with sleep disorders, longan can be eaten in the morning and evening, and the curative effect is even better. In the morning, use 10 pieces of longan to take meat, 2 boiled eggs, add an appropriate amount of sugar, and eat on an empty stomach; before going to bed every night, eat about 10 pieces of longan. In this way, it can regenerate blood and replenish qi, skin care and beauty, and treat palpitations and insomnia, especially for women.

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