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Does sitting for a long time make you ugly? Although sitting for a long time is comfortable, the 4 major harms it brings will make you afraid

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Does sitting for a long time make you ugly? Although sitting for a long time is comfortable, the 4 major harms it brings will make you afraid

Many people in life have the problem of sitting for a long time, but some people simply do not realize that this is a health hazard, and they just think it is a normal life. No matter what the purpose is, sitting for a long time is a habit that is not good for your health. If you want to make yourself healthier, you must solve the problem of sitting for a long time and correct this habit.

Is sedentary sitting all the time?

Many people think that sitting for a long time means sitting all the time, but this is actually an incomplete understanding. Sedentary refers to the consumption behavior of sitting and lying down for a long time in a awake state. I hope that everyone can correctly understand this behavior. Whether it is sitting or lying down for a long time, it is better to be active and healthy.

What are the dangers of sitting for long periods of time?

1. It will make people fatter and fatter. Inactivity will reduce people's metabolism. If metabolism is reduced, basal metabolism will also decrease, fat will accumulate more easily, and people will become fatter more easily. The reason why some office workers are fat is not only related to diet, but also closely related to sedentary time. The waist and abdomen are the places where fat is easy to accumulate. If you keep doing it, the fat accumulation will become faster. 2. It will make people ugly. Exercise can maintain youth, promote metabolism, and make skin condition better. If you sit still and become more and more uglier, this ugliness is comprehensive. The skin will get worse and yellower due to the exposure of the computer or artificial light. The posture will become worse and worse, and the incorrect sitting posture will make people hunched over and even have scoliosis problems. Varicose veins can also appear in the lower legs, which can cause curved, bulging blood vessels in the legs, which can also look unsightly. 3. Affecting intestinal health Sitting still for a long time will make the intestinal peristalsis very slow, so many office workers have constipation problems. In addition to causing constipation, it will also harm the health of the intestinal tract, affect the function of the intestinal immune barrier, and have a higher incidence of intestinal cancer. Sitting for a long time is not a trivial matter, and it may seem trivial, but it can cause great risks. 4. People who are prone to cardiovascular disease. People who have been sitting for a long time will affect the blood circulation of the human body, which will slow down the blood circulation and make the blood more viscous, which will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Especially for some elderly people, if they have been sitting and inactive, diseases such as arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease will come.

How can I fix my sedentary problem?

Recently, the World Health Organization has released guidelines for sedentary behavior. The guidelines propose that aerobic activities lasting more than 10 minutes each time can alleviate the harm caused by prolonged sitting. So if you want to solve the problem of sedentary, more exercise is the best way. Don’t sit at your desk all the time, go for a run for a while at work, climb stairs for 10 minutes, and get yourself moving. There is no shortage of these 10 minutes at work. For the sake of health, if you don’t have time, you have to create time for activities. The harm of sitting for a long time is of course more than the above four kinds. In addition, it will also increase the risk of depression, and the risk of prostate disease in men. While recognizing the dangers of sitting for a long time, we should also take action to correct this bad habit, not just talk about it. The body is the capital of work and life. No matter how busy you are at work, you should also pay attention to health issues. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization

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