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Longevity must nourish the spleen and stomach

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Longevity must nourish the spleen and stomach

Keeping your spleen and stomach healthy is equivalent to keeping your life healthy. Pay attention to news about health and longevity. You will find that when almost all long-lived elderly people share their longevity experiences, they will talk about "good appetite" and eat Ma Ma Xiang. During daily consultations, patients will ask, Why do some elderly people like to eat meat and rice cakes, but their stomachs are still very good? Is my stomach not as good as that of an old man? In fact, it is because their spleen and stomach are well nourished. Although they reach a certain age, they are still in the state of young people. Even if they eat greasy, cold and indigestible sticky foods such as rice cakes, the damage to them is not obvious. However, some young people rely on their good spleen and stomach and good health. Even if they eat and drink, and do not pay attention to the taboos, adverse reactions will not appear immediately. This also proves from the side that their spleen and stomach function is indeed good, but it will go on for a long time. , I don’t pay attention to it when I’m really uncomfortable. When I get older, there are more problems, and the problems of the spleen and stomach gradually surface, but it has accumulated from functional lesions to organic lesions. Therefore, if we want to live a long life, we must nourish the spleen and stomach. First of all, eat right. In addition to a balanced diet, we must follow the following principles to eat healthy: 1. Intake "good oil" 2. Intake "high-quality protein" 3. High fiber 4. More Eat whole grains 5. Less salt 6. Low-sugar diet 7. Intake of calcium-rich diet 8. Drink more water Second, change bad eating habits Eat soup and rice 4. Don’t overeating, chewing slowly is the best rhythm 5. Don’t eat leftovers 6. It’s unreasonable to be cold or too hot

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