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Should depression be treated with psychotherapy or medication? to analyze the causes of depression

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Should depression be treated with psychotherapy or medication? to analyze the causes of depression

@爱多 Is there a misunderstanding about the division of depression, or the doctor I met is not very reliable. Some time ago, I went to a local tertiary hospital for examination, and the doctor told me that I suffer from depression, and depression is a mental disorder The disease should be treated with regular medication. But then, at the suggestion of my family, I made an appointment with a psychologist, but the psychologist told me that depression is a typical psychological problem. My current condition does not require medication, and I can go through systematic psychological counseling. I feel that it's better not to watch it. It's even more uncomfortable. Do I need to take medication or not? It's really annoying... This is a help post from a fan friend on the Internet, I hope Enen psychology can stand on a more professional point of view, explain clearly and give some suggestions for her. In this article, Enen Psychology will talk to you about this topic based on her current understanding of depression:

Mental problems OR psychological problems< /h1>From a stricter point of view, there is still no clear standard for the classification of depression as a mental problem or a psychological problem, which is directly related to the development history of the two factions. Psychologists believe that depression is a psychological problem. In their research on depression, they found that social factors (such as growth environment, personal experience, personality, environment) are a large cause of individual depression, and this factor causes The most suitable solution to depression is psychological counseling. Psychologists use professional knowledge to help clients recognize their own problems, discover the causes of problems, and find suitable solutions. However, medical experts have found that the brain structure, neurotransmitter conduction capacity and the size of the hippocampus of depressed people are different from those of normal people, especially the neurotransmitter serotonin. Transmitter is abnormal. This provides a biological basis for the problem that depression belongs to psychiatry. As a result, a treatment method that relies on drugs to treat depression has been developed! In the last century, the debate between the two factions was still very fierce, but with the understanding of each other, more people about depression will now call it a mental and psychological problem! That is to say, it is recognized that it has both biological and social factors, and it is the result of the combined effect of many factors.

See psychiatry or counseling, which is more suitable?

The psychological suggestion of kindness is that it can be judged from the following two aspects: ① Check whether the cause of depression is affected by obvious social factors, such as the unfortunate lack of parental care in the original family, always belied, or It was the unequal treatment and bullying at school, the sudden death of a loved one, the breakup of a relationship, and so on. If it is related to these factors, considering that it is mostly a psychological problem, you can try psychological counseling first. If there are no obvious social factors, a good life will suddenly feel like a different person, and there will be problems with obvious physical symptoms such as persistent sadness, loss of interest, social regression, insomnia, etc., and it is more likely to consider pathological depression. , more suitable to see a psychiatrist for drug treatment! ② Look at the severity of depression. If the degree of depression has caused significant damage to cognitive function and social function, it is during an acute attack of the disease, and there are thoughts or behaviors of self-harm and suicide. In this case, it is recommended to go to the psychiatric Doctor, control the disease in a timely manner with drugs, and accept hospitalization if necessary! Enen's psychological reminder: Compared with which treatment method you should choose, the most important thing for everyone is to be aware of your mental health first. When you find your body unwell, you should be conscious of receiving treatment. Never attribute depression to depression. Sad for simple emotions, otherwise the delay in treatment will only get worse! (On the homepage of Enen Psychology, we provide you with commonly used scale tests in mental and psychological aspects. Friends in need can take a few minutes to do a psychological evaluation test to see if you currently have depression and anxiety, etc.!)


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