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Depression Diary: My Pleasure Is Simple

Time:2022-12-08 08:02:46 author:Emergency treatment Read:937次
Depression Diary: My Pleasure Is Simple

We are all ordinary. Depression, schizophrenia, psychiatrists, parents, children, leaders, employees... Life is the trivial daily life of the family... Mental illness is the inner Asura field of the family's dojo...~ Li Shaocheng said in the front. &&&Hetian's diary excerpts are warm and comfortable. My home is not big. The chatter was noisy, and then the high pitch was opposite, and then the joy was the most joyful. In a hurry in the morning, my brother's shoes were missing, and my father insisted angrily, "I have to drink the soup!" Mom hurriedly said, "Hurry up, I'm late again!" She was not at home at noon, and her mother made one at night. The most serious meal, sitting around on the small table, the family gossip, eat slowly, as usual and warm. Of course, there must be a sentence every day, "Eat quickly! Go do your homework after eating!" Then the younger brother either rolled his eyes, or raised his head with the corners of his mouth up, and said helplessly, "Okay..." Either stretch out your legs and become infinitely angry: "Hey, I just watch TV!" This is the case every day, a few people and a few shows are extremely precious. Because it is so warm, it is my home. When I was a child, I was tired of eating eggs. Someone in my family had a birthday. The most impressive thing was that my mother put the eggs in front of me. "Eat it, I want to eat it." "I don't want to eat it. Zui Yinu said, "Yeah! I'm not happy, let's eat it, just eat this one." Later, when I grew up, others said that I was tall, and my mother was very happy at this time. When I get home, I must say again, "When you were young, I let you eat an egg every day." Later, when my family was very poor, I was three years old. Mom said that she and Dad pickled chopped green onion and ordered two noodles. This is lunch. However, I have to eat an egg every day. This is my home. I love it. My home, my parents, like the fattest black soil, savagely nourished me when I grew up. Grow up, get married, love me till now. They are not old, I am in trouble, they are my most solid backing. But why? Dad took a selfie of a tourist, but the skin on his face reminded me of the elderly, so loose. I haven't finished yet. Disobedient, but love you dearly. Suddenly I want to cry, my nose is sore, I wish my home will always be so warm. This is my root. &&&Li Shaocheng's comment: Family, not without love, but not feeling love. Hetian felt it. So on the way to recovery.


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