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Xuzhou Psychology: What harm does delusion do to patients and others?

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Xuzhou Psychology: What harm does delusion do to patients and others?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: People with delusional disorder pose a great threat to their mental health. If patients are not treated promptly, they can end their own lives or harm those around them. In order to make everyone pay attention to this disease, today we will explain what the harm of paranoia to patients and others is. How does paranoia harm the patient and others? The harm of delusions to patients: 1. Delusional people often have suicide attempts. If they are not diagnosed and treated early, it is easy to cause disaster. Delusional patients often have special character defects, such as subjectivity, sensitivity, paranoia, high self-esteem, self-centeredness, and good fantasies. 2. Delusional patients are also reluctant to admit that they are sick. At least, they were bored and deviated from the normal track of life. At worst, they endanger social security and cause serious social incidents. 3. Delusional disorder refers to the patient's paranoid thinking, random reasoning and judgment, and mental disorder, which is an important symptom of mental illness. Patients may have hallucinations but no other overt psychiatric symptoms. Delusions are not only harmful to oneself, but sometimes uncontrolled emotions can also threaten the health of those around them. Therefore, if you have symptoms, you should seek medical treatment immediately.

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