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Xuzhou Psychology: What are the causes of personality disorders?

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Xuzhou Psychology: What are the causes of personality disorders?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: Mental illnesses such as personality disorders are indeed difficult to treat and are also very painful. People with personality disorders and their families can experience pain. So what are the causes of these diseases? 1. Personality factors: Many scholars have noticed in clinical work that 50-60% of patients have some special personality characteristics before the disease, such as withdrawn, introverted, shy, suspicious and sensitive, illogical in thinking, and love to dream. Wait. According to this phenomenon, it is generally believed that the etiology of personality disorders is related to the pre-morbid personality. 2. Environmental factors: According to existing national surveys, the prevalence of personality disorders among people with low economic level and no occupation is significantly higher than that of people with high economic level. In addition, it has also been observed in actual work that many patients have unusual social life experiences before the disease. 3. Psychological factors: This disease can be induced by various mental factors, such as failed love, broken marriage, setbacks in study and work, etc. Causes of impulsive behavior in patients with personality disorders 4. Genetic factors: The study found that the prevalence of mental illness in the family members of patients was 6.2 times that of the general residents. Therefore, genetic factors are one of the important causes of personality disorders. The closer the blood relationship is, the more prominent the influence of genetic factors will be. 5. Changes in the body: Some scholars believe that the cause of mental illness may be related to abnormal metabolism in the body, producing a certain toxin to make it "self-poisoning". In recent years, many scholars have found some abnormal biochemical metabolism in patients through laboratory studies. It has also been suggested that the occurrence of the disease may be related to autoimmune changes. 6. Social psychological factors: Some scholars believe that social psychological factors play a decisive role in the occurrence of personality disorders, which are mostly caused by difficult encounters from childhood to adult life.


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