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Conflict in marriage, what to do?

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Conflict in marriage, what to do?

Is Divorce a Bad Thing? How to Handle Divorce Properly? Reasons for Divorce When a marriage turns into an exhausting conflict, wouldn't it be better? If there is conflict between people, then there will be no problem of divorce. The conflict didn't happen because that person suddenly became ugly. Conflict happens because we grow up with something that we don't want to accept. The two are going in different directions, and that's fine. We don't need to be identical to be together. Two people don't have to like the same things, do the same things, or feel the same way. Completely different people can still be together. It is immature to think that a person has to be like you in order to get along with you. Please check your thoughts (to see if that is the case). From your own understanding, it seems that there is no one person in this world that can satisfy you. Take the person closest to you in your life and examine carefully how much you resist him. Don't think about the stranger on the street, even the closest person in your life, don't you have a lot of resistance to him? So, it means that there is no one person in this world that you can accept. If no one is acceptable to you, it is not a good or bad question, it means that something is wrong within you. After all, you came together in pursuit of each other's happiness. Whatever it is that people call love these days, it is generally just a reciprocal arrangement. You have some needs, the other person has some needs, and then we all come together to meet those needs for each other. These needs can be various, physical, mental, emotional, social, or financial. From the moment your needs are no longer properly met, the relationship collapses. That's the way things are going. There is nothing else in your relationship. You want the most from the other person, and the other person wants the most from you. This is a battle, not a love relationship. Love is about yourself. What you call love is not about someone, but about yourself and how your inner state is. If your body becomes pleasant, we say it is health and joy; if your mind becomes pleasant, we say it is happiness and joy; if your emotions become very pleasant, we say it is love; Your energy becomes very pleasant, we say it is bliss. These are certain states within you. It has nothing to do with other people, but you have to relate it to others. If you want someone else to please your mind, your emotions, your body, it's not going to be possible in the long run. No one can stay like this forever. Maybe in the first three days of meeting you, they will do anything to please your mind, emotions, and body, but no one can do it consistently. This is impossible for anyone. So, you need to learn how to keep your mind, emotions and body happy by yourself. If your emotions are in a happy state, you are loving yourself, no matter what the differences are, that's fine. If you are not in this state, any small disagreement can become a big problem. People can only approach you when you have some level of pleasure in yourself. What is a divorce? Some people say they are going through a divorce now and it feels like a part of themselves is dying. How can I survive this difficulty? What is now called "myself" is made up of a large number of memories. Your body looks this way only because of the genetic memory it carries. Your nose looks like your mother's, your complexion like your father's, and that's just because what you call your body is a complex combination of memories. A very old memory lives in your body. Now what you call "my mind" is 100 percent memory. In many ways, you are just a bunch of memories that got into you in different ways. You gather memories by seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching. Of these five different ways of collecting memories, what you see and what you touch is the deepest form of memory. Especially what you touch will generate a certain level of memory in the system. Spouse means that this person touched you, which brings a certain level of memory. Divorce means that in a way, you're trying to strip those memories away. For various reasons, this is not easy. However, you are going through a divorce, which means you want to cut off from that memory in some way. Maybe, you didn't mean to erase that memory, but for some reason you slowly began to feel that this person who was part of your life in many ways became a burden you no longer wanted to carry. You want to put the burden aside, but you find that it is not a burden you carry voluntarily, but that it is compulsively attached to you. No matter what is compulsively clinging to you, if you try to pull it off, there will be pain. The memory of your spouse has built up and you can't get rid of it like that. Even if you're in a state of emotional and psychological balance to deal with divorce, you'll still find that the whole system is bound to suffer a certain amount of pain. It's not just an emotional and psychological process, it's a very physical process. Divorce is a voluntary "death". You decide to kill, in a sense a part of yourself. It is for this reason, based on their knowledge of existence and the workings of the human system, that they always say, "until death separates you, you will never be separated", because there is physical memory in it, and the body does not. The balance of the mind. The mind can make a decision and turn around, but the body does not turn around. The more memories you build up in your marriage, the more confusing your divorce will be. Divorce and Remarriage Most people believe that the best way to deal with divorce is to jump into another relationship of the same kind immediately. If you do, you risk creating more struggle and confusion in your system. It's extremely important to give your body enough time to process those memories in the first place, and to keep a distance from them. Otherwise, you will put yourself into a situation where it is difficult to keep yourself calm and joyful in your life. When you are able to face the memories of the transformed body, it is your free choice whether to remarry or not.

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