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Is hypochondriasis insurmountable?

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Is hypochondriasis insurmountable?

There is a type of people who always define themselves as having a disease, so they go to the doctor frantically and search the Internet for related symptoms, which leads to more and more anxiety, and even goes to a mental hospital. In fact, the literal meaning of hypochondriasis is easy to understand. Some scholars and medical practitioners prefer to use "disease anxiety disorder" to refer to this disease to eliminate the derogatory color. The main symptom of hypochondriasis is repeated examinations (blood drawing, instruments), repeated disbelief in the doctor's examination results, and always feeling that my inflammation is a disease such as cancer, AIDS, and exhaustion. The most obvious is that, ignoring the examination results notified by the doctor, constantly changing doctors and hospitals for examination, and finally showing symptoms of hypochondriasis, that is, symptoms of anxiety, including dizziness, chest tightness, palpitation, shortness of breath, dry mouth, frequent urination , urgency, sweating, tremors and other physical symptoms. What should I do if I have hypochondria? Regardless of whether it is wrong to ignore the development, the patient must actively go to the hospital for treatment, but it is also wrong for the patient to reject psychotherapy. The patient must choose psychotherapy to solve the underlying problem, and then use other treatments to relieve the pain. The two-pronged approach will bring the best healing effect to the patient. We can properly engage in outdoor activities such as sports, divert our attention, and not let our attention be on ourselves. In fact, after experiencing the new crown epidemic, we all suspected that we were infected more or less. In fact, there is no need to worry at all. In today's increasingly perfect medical system in my country, too many rare diseases have been diagnosed and recorded, and the treatment process is also phase mature. So there is absolutely no need to doubt the diagnosis certificate.

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