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Xuzhou Psychology: What are the methods of treating neurosis?

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Xuzhou Psychology: What are the methods of treating neurosis?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: Some people feel that they have a physical disease, but if they can't find any physical disease, they belong to neurosis with somatoform disorder. For the treatment of neurosis, it is recommended to focus on psychotherapy, which can be supplemented by some drug therapy. In daily life, they must develop good habits and develop a healthy personality to resist the recurrence of neurosis. Psychological counseling, neurosis is caused by psychological factors. You can consult a psychiatrist. Symptoms can be gradually relieved by talking to a psychiatrist. Psychiatrists can help patients find out the causes of symptoms, help patients analyze and re-understand the events that caused the disease, and change their views on stressors from the bottom of their hearts, so as to eliminate negative emotions and achieve the effect of curing the disease. In addition to seeking the help of a psychiatrist, family members should also provide necessary support, comfort and understanding to the neurotic patient. Medication, some antidepressant and sedative drugs can relieve symptoms, but these drugs have certain side effects and should be taken as directed by a doctor. Many people disapprove of taking medication. In fact, I think it is necessary to take medicine in some cases. Relying solely on psychiatrist counseling may not work, and even if it does, it may not be able to recover. Combining medication and counseling is the best option, because for neurotics, the side effects of taking medication may be far less than the disease itself. If you can't cure the disease without taking medicine, it is recommended to take medicine. Altering the stressful environment, neurosis can be stress-related or caused by stressful times. In any case, changing your life circumstances can cut off your bad memories and help heal the disease as quickly as possible. For stressful environments, it should be replaced as soon as possible. If the pressure in the working environment is high, you must relieve yourself, and you must combine work and rest in peacetime. Participating in group activities can make you more active and have a healthier personality. A healthy personality is effective against neurosis. And participating in group activities can reduce stress, make more friends, and give yourself a lot of psychological support. Re-recognize yourself, don't deliberately care about your minor illness. Some people get a little sick, and they become suspicious and fantasize about the disease they don't have. Repeated visits to the hospital can slowly lead to neurosis. Don't be too perfect with yourself in life. Everyone is not perfect and will have flaws and mistakes. You have to face up to your own shortcomings, face them bravely, don't feel inferior and regret your own shortcomings, and don't regret your mistakes. Things cannot be repeated. Just learn from it, don't blame yourself too much. Develop a confident character, don't be too inferior, everyone has their own advantages, and don't underestimate yourself too much. Regular exercise can effectively reduce the incidence of neurosis, because fitness itself can stimulate the brain to produce positive signals. Moreover, keeping yourself in good shape by exercising is an effective response to certain neuroses. In addition to running, you can also do some enjoyable games every day.

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