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Xuzhou Depression: What Thinking Patterns Cause Depression?

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Xuzhou Depression: What Thinking Patterns Cause Depression?

Xuzhou Mental Health Service Station: In the process of human life, due to the interaction of social environment, own psychology, biological genetics and other factors, the organ function of the brain loses its healthy balance, resulting in physical discomfort and depression, which leads to depression . Many people find that people with depression often show low mood and think that helping them adjust their mood can change their negative state. Some family members will take him to some happy places, lively atmosphere, but most of the time in vain. In fact, for people with depression, bad thinking patterns, or cognitive impairment, is the main source of depression. So, from a psychological point of view, what are the main thought patterns that predispose to depression? 1. This kind of thinking mode of self-forgetfulness is called self-denial. Depressed patients are good at denying their positive emotions and behaviors; on the contrary, they are particularly tolerant of their negative emotions and behaviors. They subconsciously allow their negative emotions to grow, even if they don't like it. If a boy confesses to her, she will think, how can such an ugly girl be happy, she is sure that this relationship cannot last long. When the boy finally leaves her, she smiles wryly. Look, I told you I couldn't be happy. She will subconsciously deny her positive emotions, but will be relaxed about negative emotions. When she wants to get out of this state, she will subconsciously deny her positive efforts and behaviors. For example, if she ran for a day or two and was interrupted for some reason, she would say that she really had no perseverance, as if she was destined to be like this all her life. Even if she persisted for a long time, she would think that her long-term efforts were in vain, and she still did not persevere. In other words, depressed people are subconsciously good at cultivating their own sense of frustration and combating their sense of accomplishment. Therefore, if you want to get out of depression completely, you must completely rebuild your thinking mode. 2. Guilt is one's own bad cognition is the mother of guilt. Specifically, any negative event in your life, even if it has nothing to do with you, will arbitrarily be considered your fault or prove your incompetence. For example: Your boyfriend is sick today, and you will directly think: It's all my fault. I didn't take good care of him. I'm not a good girlfriend, so I'm guilty.

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