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What are the reasons for the decline in immunity and resistance?

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What are the reasons for the decline in immunity and resistance?

What causes the decline in immunity and resistance?

Everyone knows that when a child is first born, it is relatively weak. As the age increases, it continues to grow, and its physique continues to strengthen. At a certain age, it reaches a peak, and then gradually deteriorates. This process , which is the process of continuous strengthening and weakening of immunity. Human immunity is a system, it is equivalent to a country's defense force, a team, whether the combat effectiveness is strong depends on the quality of the individual soldiers, the equipment situation, the degree of coordination between them, and the level of unified command. The human immune system is the same as the military principle. If the immune cells are healthy and there are many, the human body has its own set of automatic coordination, command and coordination, and the immunity will naturally be good. People will get sick and get old with age, but some people get older slowly and get less sick, because the immune system is working. Done well, healthy cells can be protected and free radicals generated as clear as possible, one's immunity can be improved, and one can stay healthy for as long as possible.

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