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Do anxiety and depression require lifelong medication?

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Do anxiety and depression require lifelong medication?

Do anxiety and depression require lifelong medication? Now the incidence of anxiety and depression is very high, but the cure rate is not high. Many patients are told by doctors that the disease is difficult to cure and the medicine cannot be stopped, so people always ask, is it really good, really want to take it Medicine for a lifetime? First of all, we must understand the principles of anxiety and depression. Anxiety is caused by anxiety, and depression is also caused by anxiety. Depression is formed by high anxiety caused by long-term denial of oneself, so whether it is anxiety or depression, All solve anxiety, and anxiety is worrying about uncertain things in the future, which means that anxiety is coming out of the brain. Taking medicine can calm emotions and relieve symptoms, but it cannot change people's thoughts, so taking medicine is a way to treat the symptoms but not the root cause. If the anxiety is high and the symptoms are more painful, you need to take medicine to relieve the anxiety. After the mood is calmer, you can change the unreasonable cognition through psychological counseling, establish a new thinking mode, optimize your personality and cultivate self-confidence to eliminate anxiety. As long as the idea is right, and Turning the right thoughts into automatic thinking and building confidence in a little bit can completely eliminate symptoms. In theory, whether it is anxiety disorder, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, hypochondriasis, or phobia, it can be completely recovered, but it is necessary to understand the principles of these mental illnesses, find the correct method, and at the same time need to actively cooperate with them. Family members are encouraged.

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