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How to treat severe insomnia?

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How to treat severe insomnia?

How to treat severe insomnia? The so-called severe insomnia is a long period of insomnia, very little time every night, or even sleepless nights. It is understood that there are many cases of this kind of insomnia. Many people have insomnia for many years and cannot be solved, which has a serious impact on their lives. Complicate the causes of insomnia, think that insomnia is caused by factors such as the body, emphasize the significance of deep sleep, and magnify the harm of insomnia, which is the main reason why more and more people suffer from insomnia, and the insomnia will become more and more serious afterward. The reason for insomnia is the fear of insomnia, fear that insomnia is in the body, and it will affect work and study, like falling asleep quickly, but the more you want to sleep, the more you can’t sleep, forming a thinking pattern of anxiety when lying in bed, that is, conditioned reflex, and then constantly cycle, keep increasing. The solution to insomnia is an important change in the view of sleep, so that insomniacs understand that less sleep has little effect on people, the purpose is to reduce the expectation of sleep, reduce the fear of insomnia, and then through repeated suggestion relaxation training, put the correct The sleep concept automatically operates in the brain, forming a new conditioned reflex. Then there is the optimization of personality, cultivate self-confidence, enhance the sense of security, and insomnia can be completely solved. But for those who are paranoid and do not accept new knowledge, it is difficult to adjust.

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