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Is there any hope for spoiled children?

Time:2023-03-26 00:15:13 author:Anxiety disorder Read:369次
Is there any hope for spoiled children?

Is there any hope for spoiled children? Today I saw a piece of news on Toutiao. A mother said that her 16-year-old child stayed out of the house all day, playing games with black and white upside down, let alone going to school. He didn’t communicate with anyone. , The parent said that no matter where the psychologist or psychiatrist is, as long as they are willing to come to the door, no matter how much money they make, it will be fine. From this passage, I can see the despair of the parent, but from another perspective, many problems cannot be solved by money. When a child develops to this level, there must be a direct cause of improper family education, over-indulgence, parents have no bottom line, and everything is arranged, forming this kind of selfishness, no sense of responsibility, no gratitude, no awe, and poor will quality. , once formed, it is very difficult to change. But for a society, having a few such children is no big deal, but for a family, it is a disaster. Others can give up, but parents cannot. Parents need to learn scientific family education knowledge and learn communication skills that harm their children. Although their children's performance is very poor, most children still have good intentions in their hearts. They just feel that they are finished, and they give up on themselves and break the pot. At the same time, professional psychological consultants are needed to assist in adjustment, to correct the child's wrong thinking mode a little bit, to discover more of his advantages, and to help the child restore self-confidence little by little. Most children are still very hopeful. Such children are actually not in the minority. If family education is not taken seriously and there is no fine line to raise children, there will be more and more such children. It is hoped that people of insight will set up family education institutions, popularize family education knowledge, help more families, and cultivate more outstanding children.


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