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What are the symptoms of neurasthenia? what to eat? The doctor tells you the answer

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What are the symptoms of neurasthenia? what to eat? The doctor tells you the answer

Nowadays, people's life pressure and work pressure are relatively large, so it is easy to cause some problems in their own spirit, such as neurasthenia. For patients with neurasthenia, we must pay attention to this symptom, otherwise it will bring many hidden dangers to themselves. What are the symptoms of neurasthenia? 1. Emotional instability For people with neurasthenia, even if they are not mentally stimulated, they may experience a state of rage and abnormal excitement, and this emotion will appear repeatedly. For neurasthenia patients with this symptom, if they do not make adjustments in time, it will affect their impression in the hearts of colleagues or friends. After all, such an emotional state can easily lead to dissatisfaction among others. 2. Fatigue easily Because the spirit of neurasthenia patients is more sensitive, they will make some emotional reactions to anything, which will easily lead to their own symptoms of fatigue. When this symptom occurs, the patient may not get good results when dealing with things. After all, it is difficult for the patient to concentrate in this state. 3. Poor sleep quality It is difficult for patients with neurasthenia to maintain normal sleep conditions. Most of them will have difficulty falling asleep, and some will be awakened by nightmares for a long time, which will affect their sleep quality. What is suitable for people with neurasthenia? 1. Protein-rich foods Patients with neurasthenia can eat more high-protein foods, such as lean meat, milk, fish and soy products, etc., because these foods can provide energy for the patient's physical activities, which in turn can relieve the patient's physical activity. Fatigue. 2. Appropriately increase the intake of sugar Sugar can play a role in pleasing people's mood, so the appropriate consumption of neurasthenia patients can change their bad emotional state. There are many sugary foods suitable for neurasthenia patients, such as desserts, honey, sugar cane, etc. When eating such foods, you must control the amount to prevent your own blood sugar levels from rising. 3. Foods containing vitamins Vitamin B, vitamin E and vitamin C are all helpful for relieving the condition of patients with neurasthenia, and there are many foods rich in these elements, such as vegetables, fruits, seaweed and animal liver. All in all, for patients with neurasthenia, the common symptoms are mostly the above three. Therefore, when people find that they have the above symptoms, they need to observe more. In addition, patients with neurasthenia should also adjust their daily diet in time to achieve the purpose of relieving the disease. [Disclaimer: The materials and pictures used in this article are from the Internet and literature, and are only used for the popularization of medical knowledge. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete]


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