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Pigmentation after laser surgery? Do these 4 things to avoid

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Pigmentation after laser surgery? Do these 4 things to avoid

Nowadays, not only is medical technology developing rapidly, but also the development of plastic surgery technology is changing with each passing day. Many people have begun to accept and try plastic surgery to make themselves more perfect. The use rate of laser in plastic surgery is relatively high, such as laser freckle removal, laser Whitening, etc., but pigmentation is easy to appear after laser surgery. This is because the laser has caused certain damage to epidermal cells and surrounding cells. This kind of anti-blackening is a normal phenomenon and can usually subside on its own. Different, the speed of subsidence is not the same, some people need a year or more to subside, so for beauty lovers who use laser surgery, avoiding hyperpigmentation is a more important thing.

How can I avoid hyperpigmentation after laser surgery?

1. Choose appropriate parameters When using laser, choose appropriate energy parameters. If the energy is too large, it will cause serious damage to the skin, induce hyperpigmentation, and make the anti-black phenomenon appear longer. Therefore, you should choose a regular plastic surgery hospital and a professional doctor. 2. Understand the indications Before using laser surgery for plastic surgery, it is necessary to understand the indications of the surgery, because some patients are not suitable for laser surgery, such as patients with melasma, their melanocytes are more active, and after laser surgery, they are more active than ordinary people. Hyperpigmentation is more likely, so such patients require melasma control before mild phototherapy. 3. Pay attention to skin care before and after surgery To reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation, patients should pay attention to skin care before and after surgery. Before surgery, they should start oral drugs that inhibit pigment synthesis, such as tranexamic acid. It is necessary to start using products with whitening and brightening effect within a week, such as L-VC essence, arbutin essence, etc., which can reduce the activity of aminase, thereby reducing the probability of melanin production, and improving the skin's self-renewal ability. . 4. Improve the hydration state of the skin. Studies have found that the higher the water content of the skin, the more obvious the treatment effect after laser surgery. Therefore, it is necessary to actively correct the dry skin before the operation. You can use water-rich gels and gels. , moisturizing mask, etc. to keep the skin moist. If the skin is relatively dry, it is necessary to do a good job of locking water, such as using face cream, moisturizing in time after surgery, and anti-inflammatory treatment, and strict sun protection, because the ultraviolet rays in the sun will also increase the occurrence of pigmentation. A message from the family doctor. If you want to get better results through laser surgery, you must pay special attention to all aspects. First, you must choose a regular hospital and professional doctor in order to choose the appropriate energy parameters. In addition, you must understand the indications in advance. If it is not suitable for The primary disease should be controlled in advance, and skin care should be done before and after surgery, and the hydration state of the skin should be improved. Family doctor's online feature, may not be reproduced without authorization


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